Sustainable 5G networks: according to the Huawei boss they are necessary

Reti 5G sostenibili: secondo il boss di Huawei sono necessarie thumbnail

Ryan Ding, Executive Director and President Huawei Carrier Business Group spoke at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum, explaining that the 5G it has become a new engine for the growth of the mobile industry but the whole sector will have to continue to innovate and make these increasingly sustainable networks. Despite this, the value of the investment in 5G is very high.

Sustainable 5G networks: according to Huawei they are necessary

According to official data, all operators who have invested in 5G technology have recorded high returns, although it is estimated that they will only be able to realize significant value for their company when the penetration rate of 5G will reach the threshold of 20%, which has so far only happened in China, South Korea and Kuwait. Only in this way will it be possible to trigger a positive cycle with user growth, and connected business returns with the implementation of new networks.

“High-quality 5G networks – added the President of Huawei – will drive the rapid growth of mobile data traffic. In fact, it is estimated that the average data traffic per user per month will reach 600 GB by 2030. However, if the energy efficiency of the networks currently in use were to remain unchanged, the energy consumption of wireless networks will increase by more than ten times ”.

Precisely for this reason Ding stated that, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45% produced by the ICT sector, operators will have to take action in strategic areas, such as the power supply, distribution, use and management of 5G networks in order to be able to build more sustainable ones characterized by superior performance, with an eye towards the best energy efficiency.

In conclusion, Ding pointed out that Huawei has already implemented site solutions a reduced carbon emissions in more than 100 countries including Saudi Arabia, Greece, Pakistan and Switzerland, supporting operators in reducing carbon dioxide emissions for a total value of 40 million tons.

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