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Suzuki reaches three historical records in 2021 in Italy

2021 was the best year ever for Suzuki in Italy. The Japanese company has in fact reached three historical records with really positive data regarding registrations. For Suzuki, therefore, 2021 represents a very solid base from which to start for a record 2022. Let’s see the complete details regarding the results obtained by the company in the last 12 months.

Suzuki sets three records in 2021 in Italy

In the course of 2021, as confirmed by UNRAE data, Suzuki reached a total dthe 39,317 units registered which rise to over 41 thousand units also considering the Jimny N1. The figure of 39 thousand registered units represents an increase of +17.51% compared to 2020 results. Suzuki’s growth is, therefore, clearly higher than that of the entire Italian market, standing at + 5.5%. Suzuki is also the only brand, among the top 25 on the market, a also grows compared to 2019 with a + 2.8% which rises to + 7.3% also considering the Jimny N1.

The other record data

Suzuki also achieves a record market share in Italy coming up to 2.7% going to carve out a leading role in our country. Italy is the first European market for Suzuki and the fifth in the world. Market share growth in recent years has been constant. In 2016, the year in which Suzuki’s first hybrid was marketed in Italy, the brand’s market share was 1.24%.

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