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OlliOlli World: what to know before playing

The release of OlliOlli World, a two-dimensional indie skateboarding game that promises great challenges and breathtaking circuits, is finally coming soon, and with this guide we will see together what you need to know before starting to play.

As fans will know, it is coming in February (to be precise, on the 8th). OlliOlli World, a two-dimensional indie game in which we will be able to whiz through the various circuits on board our own skateboard, performing tricks of all kinds. Third installment in a fairly successful series, OlliOlli World is coming for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S e Switch, and promises to bring many new features (starting from the completely distorted graphic style) in addition to a game formula already tested with previous chapters. With this guide therefore we will see what you need to know on OlliOlli World before jumping into the skate, trying to extract all the useful information to give you an idea of ​​what to expect.

Tradition and novelty

As already mentioned above, in OlliOlli World we will see a system already tried and tested with the previous chapters, but with a completely renewed superstructure. We are always faced with a side scrolling skateboarding game, but now instead of having a pure 2D we can talk about 2.5D: there will therefore be an element of depth, with circuits on the background accessible after reaching the end of the circuit in the foreground.

A similar element was also made possible thanks to the new graphics, no longer in pixel art but with one cartoon style entirely hand drawn. With this completely unrecognizable style compared to its predecessors, the game promises an even more exciting atmosphere, with a comedy background that will make everything very more colorful and fun. Having said that then, let’s proceed to see what there is to know about the other OlliOlli World news as well.

A lot, but a lot of customization – OlliOlli World: what to know before playing

As had already been shown in the trailers, the developers have not been able to show us what the protagonist looks like, because he will be customizable in its entirety by the same player. After creating your own character with the features we like best, we will also have the possibility of dress it up in the most extravagant ways possible. Although initially the choice will be more limited, the game provides many aesthetic elements as a reward, expanding customization to extremely high levels.

Compared to the real game, this is clearly a completely secondary aspect, but it must be said that certainly an idea of ​​this kind can only be appreciated: those who do not like to have customization options and receive cosmetic pieces as a reward that can they broaden our possibilities?

OlliOlli World: what to know before playing

Radlandia, a living world – OlliOlli World: what to know before playing

Another interesting thing to know about OlliOlli World is the presence of the world of Radlandia together with all its inhabitants. During the course of our gaming experience we will meet many characters that will help us on our path; some will give us missions to accomplish, while others will have more specific roles, but all of them will also serve to create a living world around the player-controlled character.

In fact, together with these characters there will also be some dialogues. We are not talking about incredible and epic narratives, but about the minimum that is needed to feature all the NPCs and to insert a context during the climb to the top of the rankings by the player, without however detracting from the dynamism of the game.

Endless challenges – OlliOlli World: what to know before playing

Finally, as a last thing there is to talk about activities to be carried out in OlliOlli World. We will have available various types of challenges, each with its own reward and its own goal, each on its own reference circuit; all of which will most likely make the title highly replayable, especially if you are of completists or lovers of impossible challenges.

In addition to these classic singleplayer levels will be present well two asynchronous multiplayer modes. We are talking about Gnarvana League e Gnarvana Portal. In the first mode you can compete with other players, challenging yourself to whoever scores the highest in a given circuit (and consequently winning additional aesthetic rewards); in the second you will have the possibility of generate procedural levels based on selecting parameters such as style, difficulty and length, and sharing them with other players.


Having said that, then we just have to wait for the game to come out, which we remember will arrive on all digital stores starting from 8 February 2022. From the public previews and what we could see from the trailers, OlliOlli World looks like a huge step forward for the franchise, showing a totally new style and character compared to its predecessors. The addition of all of these new content that we talked about also suggests a radical paradigm shift for the series. Hoping that these choices do not prove excessive, we give you an appointment directly at 8 when (hopefully) we will be able to get our hands on OlliOlli World to try it out.

At the end of this guide on what to know before playing OlliOlli World, the ball passes to you. What do you think about it? Does the game arouse your interest? Waiting for an answer, we invite you to stay tuned on the pages for daily updates on the most important news in the videogame world. If you prefer to buy game keys at discounted prices, you can do so through our link to Instant Gaming.

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