Svelato l'Always on Display dell'iPhone 14 Pro thumbnail

Svelato l’Always on Display dell’iPhone 14 Pro

Svelato l'Always on Display dell'iPhone 14 Pro thumbnail

Still new on the iPhone 14, which seems to be the most talked about – and awaited – smartphone of the year. This time the indiscretion comes from rhogelleiman iOS developer: the fourth beta of Xcode 14 seems to include an example of what theAlways on Display dell’iPhone 14.

iPhone 14: the Always on Display unveiled in preview for users

The Always on Display appears to be one of the most talked about features of Apple’s new smartphone series at the moment. As you can see in the image above, the smartphone looks like darken the screen when the function is active. The developer notes that the widget – Tim Cook’s face – is usually in color, but the SwiftUI preview removes all colors from the image when this potential feature activates. But this is not the only anticipation leaked on the Net in recent days.

Also Steve Moser from MacRumors previewed how the iPhone screen works, which appears to change color according to a gray scale when the function activates. In addition to removing the texture of the widget image. In short, a rather interesting option, which seems to be made available only for Pro models of the new series. On the other hand, one of the features that makes the function available is a display capable of a variable refresh rate. Not surprisingly, the Apple Watch is equipped with a display that can support the function. And it seems that the iPhone 14 Pro will also have one.

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