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Swappie launches its Premium Series, for smartphones like new

In a historical moment where the sustainability it is a key factor in all our choices, even the purchase of a smartphone plays a key role. Swappie has been around for a long time to favor a less polluting alternative when we have to update our device. But sometimes there are particularly demanding customers. Just for them Swappie has launched its own brand new Premium Seriesofficially presented to the press.

From Swappie comes the Premium Series, for a refurbished like new

There was to lead the event from Italy Marco Morelloan expert journalist from the world of technology, accompanied by Elena GarbujoSwappie Country Manager. Just the latter explained how committed this company is against the so-called planned obsolescencethat is the concept that leads our devices to be “old” in a short time, reducing their life cycle in favor of a replacement.

This clearly has a significant environmental impact, which at present it really should be avoided, to put it mildly. Also for this reason Swappie was born, which allows us to close the circle of the economy and give an ever longer life to the devicespromoting their reuse at every level.

In fact, the company is always ready to collect used smartphones, even when they are not working. By acting on a large scale, in fact, it can easily reuse the pieces that are still in good condition, recombining them to obtain reconditioned devices still ready to work best. This clearly has a considerable impact on the final cost of the product.

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The customer can then save a lot on the purchase, being in any case with a device with optimal functionality, or the so-called reconditioned. But above all there is much less CO2: It is estimated that each phone sold by Swappie generates 78% less than a new one. In short, it’s basically a win-win for everyone.

And now Swappie’s new Premium Series is ready to debut

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The big announcement came via a video of the headquarters, directly from Finland, opened by the founder of Swappie Sami Marttinen. The speech started from the history of the company, which started from a local project and then expanded more and more, up to integrate the entire value chain of the refurbished inside.

This allowed for standardize the process and make it more and more accurate, through its famous 52 passages. There are still some obstacles to overcome, but the goal is to arrive at a world where the right to repair devices is guaranteed and therefore being able to buy a refurbished phone with the same spirit with which one approaches a used car.

That said, there are unfortunately still some resistors. Some customers are hesitant to opt for refurbished over new. And so Swappie launches its Premium Serieswhich reaches an absolutely new level.

Through the careful selection of all the pieces available, the company makes models that are on the same level as a factory-fresh device. Full functionality, no cosmetic defects such as scratches or anything else and a 100% operational battery. In short, a refurbished product like new but with the same savings in terms of emissions. The Premium Series will be available for all models on salebut will have a limited number of products for technical reasons, so if you are interested, hurry up!

But the surprises didn’t end there!

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In addition to the Premium Series, Swappie made another big announcement with the collaboration of Matteo Ward, founder of WRÅD. The latter explained how the idea of ​​planned obsolescence comes from his own sector, that of fashion. To encourage the replacement of clothes (and therefore sell more), the idea was born of creating trends, first dividing the seasons into autumn-winter and spring-summer and then arriving at today’s evolutions. So there is a sign an identity of values ​​between WRÅD and Swappie.

This closeness has translated into a new project today, which will soon be available for sale. It is a new accessory for your smartphone, which guards and protects, thus increasing its useful life, also thanks to the waxing that wraps the fabric. But it doesn’t end there! In fact, this case is created starting from the leftover pieces of other WRÅD products, which are thus reused minimizing waste and the environmental impact.

One way to get the maximum result, but always keeping an eye on the effects on our planet. Which is the basis of Swappie’s philosophy.

The words of the founder of Swappie on the Premium Series

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Sami MarttinenCEO and co-founder of Swappie, released the following statement regarding the new Premium Series:

“At Swappie, we are committed to creating a more sustainable, ethical and inclusive world. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we are determined to make the experience of our services as easy and enjoyable as possible. We strongly believe that smartphones do not have an expiration date and we are confident that the addition of the Premium Series to our product line will help even more users feel comfortable buying a refurbished iPhone“.

It was added to him Casper AndersenPremium Series Lead in Swappie, who commented:

“It has always been important to us to listen to users and over the years, thanks to this approach and the continuous improvements to our offering, and we have made refurbished technology more mainstream. However, we knew that some would choose refurbished only if the phone had perfect aesthetic conditions or a battery with full capacity, so, to meet the wishes of even the most demanding consumers, we decided to introduce the Premium Series of Swappie, which will make them even more easier to embrace the circular economy“.

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