Swappie: The future of technology is refurbished and eco-friendly

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In a world where technology is constantly evolving, Swappiea leading European company in the purchase, refurbishment and sale of iPhones, supports consumers inmake eco-conscious decisions for a more sustainable future. After the holiday season, technology enthusiasts are often faced with the problem of “tech bloat“, an increase in electronic devices, particularly smartphones, which can have negative impacts on the environment. In 2024, Swappie addresses this challenge with a comprehensive guide, encouraging people to adopt greener behaviors that go beyond New Year’s resolutions and highlighting the need to make informed choices in the management of electronic wastepromoting a approach based on circularity.

Adopt the concept of circularity: Swappie’s vision for sustainability

The promotion of refurbished technology and the reduction of electronic waste they are the core of Swappie’s mission. A relevant and crucial objective as the production process of a smartphone is responsible for at least 80% of its carbon footprint, with an estimate of 80 kg of CO2 emissions per device. With global annual production exceeding one billion units, these emissions become extremely significant.

Even after the production phase, the environmental impact persists through packaging and shipping which contribute an additional 2kg of CO2 per smartphone. Once in the hands of users, the energy consumption and charging further increase the total carbon footprint. Unfortunately, currently, less than 15% of smartphones are recycled and most of them end up in landfill.

I refurbished devices they not only contribute to environmental sustainability, but deliver to consumers high-quality and cost-effective alternatives. The refurbishment and sales process are fundamental services and Swappie underlines their importance: extending the life cycle of these electronic devices allows us to reduce the environmental impact: the carbon footprint of a smartphone refurbished by Swappie is 78% lower compared to that of a new smartphone.

Responsible disposal of old smartphones with Swappie

An important step towards sustainability is the correct management of the disposal of old smartphones. Swappie encourages users to give in their devices, even if they are damaged, offering a financial incentive while helping to reduce e-waste. By refurbishing and reselling these devices, Swappie gives them a second life, reducing the need for remanufacturing and decreasing the overall carbon footprint.

Choosing the culture of repair: Pioneering sustainable technology practices

80% of the components of a smartphone are recyclablewith the 98% recoverable materials, including gold, copper, cobalt and tin. Additionally, most of the rare earth elements found in phones can be reused. In the perspective of a sustainable future, the adoption of a culture based on repair proves to be a fundamental choice to reduce the environmental impact of electronic devices.

Swappie encourages people to change their mindset from a disposable approach towards electronics to a approach focused on repairability. Repairing minor issues, such as screen damage or battery depletion, allows devices to remain functional for a longer period, minimizing the need for remanufacturing.

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