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Switch off: an opportunity for the hotel industry

The television switch off? For the hotel industry, this is the beginning of a new advantageous era. To make it known with an industry study is LG Electronics, which illustrates what are the advantages and professional solutions that are created immediately and that will be created in the future.

The changes brought from the approach of the switch off and the transition to standard DVB-T2 make it necessary for many accommodation facilities, the renewal of its TV park in favor of devices capable of supporting the new transmission standard. This could be an opportunity, even for small hotels, to equip themselves with professional solutions exploiting the concrete benefits for the hospitality sector such as communication with the guest, centralized control and compliance with the GDPR.

Thanks to the ability to share increasingly smart, interactive and personalized content, Hotel TVs are transformed into powerful marketing tools for any accommodation facility.

Also, thanks to the centralized control of the TV fleet, it is possible to update the channel list of individual TVs directly remotely, without the need to do it on each individual device, room by room. In the end, professional solutions comply with GDPR compliance, thanks to features that allow guests to surf the web and connect their accounts to the TV in complete peace of mind, without having to worry about their data remaining visible to subsequent guests.

The whole range of Hotel TV Smart di LG Electronics, a company that has always been careful to meet the needs and expectations of a constantly evolving market such as that of hospitality, allow you to enjoy these advantages. They are, in fact, compatible with Pro: Centric Direct, a solution dedicated to hôtellerie professionals capable of transforming TVs into interactive tools.

This solution allows the configuration of profiled channels, the proposal of tailor-made content and direct communication with its guests. Pros: Centric Direct makes it easy to program the user interface (UI) of hotel TVs and also provides several services, such as remote management based on an IP network.

The system is equipped with intuitive and attractive templates but also offers simple tools for creating custom templates. The operators of the sector can thus customize and create their truly tailor-made contents, so that they perfectly adapt to the needs of their guests. Communications can also be managed in “group” mode, thus offering a functional plus in the case of conferences or group holidays.

Be it welcome screens or promotional content, hotel operators can easily edit images, text and links displayed on the TV. Another noteworthy feature is the possibility of managing the
remote system that allows professionals to configure the channels visible from a certain room according to the type of guest. From the user’s point of view, the use of the system guarantees a truly tailor-made experience that is attentive to his needs. Each request from the rooms can be monitored and managed through the control center for a response in real time. Unlike other similar solutions, in fact, Pro: Centric Direct allows two-way communication, or the option for the guest to request some services directly from the TV.

It is therefore possible to book a table, view the menu and select dishes, book room service or even a beauty treatment. Furthermore, this system allows you to respect the privacy of users and GDPR compliance when they use the different streaming services or connect to the network through the TV. Guests only need to log into their private accounts once to stay logged in until the TV is turned off, when the system will automatically delete their credentials, eliminating any potential privacy and security issues.

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