Switchable Privacy Display: l'elemento di Continental che intrattiene i passeggeri thumbnail

Switchable Privacy Display: Continental entertains passengers

Continental has developed an innovative display that allows information to be displayed dynamically, passing from “private” to “public” mode: Continental’s new technology, called Switchable Privacy Display, allows anyone in the passenger seat to enjoy multimedia content, such as videos, or to use the functions of the infotainment system, without distracting the driver.

“Vehicles are increasingly becoming ‘smartphones on wheels’. However, driver distraction still remains one of the main causes of road accidents. With our new visualization solution, we therefore aim to offer a digital experience that minimizes distractions “, says Philipp von Hirschheydt, Head of Continental’s User Experience Business Area. “The user experience represents a fundamental and revolutionary feature in the mobility of the future. With this technology, we provide the passenger with new infotainment options ”.

Make content invisible with a simple button
By using the “private” mode, users will prevent people in the immediate vicinity from viewing content. During the development of the new solution, Continental was able for the first time to adapt this technology to the requirements of the vehicle and to combine the light in such a way that less than 1% of the light radiation from the display reaches the driver’s field of vision. And all this without affecting the high quality of the images.

“Thanks to our experience in the backlighting and plastics sector, we were able to independently develop and produce the key components of the Switchable Privacy Display”,
afferma Kai Hohmann, product manager per le display solutions. “This allows us to meet the highest quality requirements of both vehicle manufacturers and users in terms of contrast, brightness and image definition. We will also continue to increase the energy efficiency of the display until its market launch, thus making the technology even more sustainable ”.

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