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T + A presents the new Solitaire T headphones

The T + A company presented the brand new Solitaire T headphones, the most versatile headphones ever developed by the German company so far

T+Athe leading German specialist in the segment of high-end audio solutions, presents the new ones cupcake Solitaire T. A project that has developed around a single goal: to blur the distinctions between headphones audiophile, professional and travel, making accessible the values ​​and technology that distinguish each T + A product in a pervasive way. The transducer system has undergone a completely new development, capable of reproducing the finest audio nuances in audiophile quality in both active and passive modes. While passive isolation alone is enough to overshadow the outside world. In combination with active background noise cancellation, which can be activated as needed, unwanted sounds completely disappear behind what you are hearing.

The components in pearl aluminum of the new Solitaire T headphones are crafted from solid material and the result is much more than a design exercise. They are so sturdy and durable that they guarantee the headphones will stay with the owner for years. Looking closely at their design, the inputs of the new Solitaire T headphones are designed for ensure full versatility as they have signal transfer through passive and active totally symmetrical analog inputs. Plus, USB C and the highest quality wireless Bluetooth standards. The design maximizes the potential of every imaginable music source.

Design and Materials of the new Solitaire T headphones

The carefully positioned bevels on the headband and on the cups of these new headphones from T + A confirm the continuous development and evolution of the German company’s design matrix. All aluminum components are pearled before being anodized. The pavilions are secured by precision, close tolerance carbide joints, which allow both to rotate 90 degrees and fold inward. In their case or worn around the neck, the Solitaire T headphones become an incredibly compact travel companion. The ear cushions are made of the finest anti-allergenic synthetic leather, ensuring that the Solitaire T headphones are worn comfortably, even for a long time.

Wired connections

The Solitaire T are the headphones most versatile that T + A has ever developed. Solitaire T is both a closed audiophile headphone and a lightweight, portable unit. And that’s why it boasts no less than three wired inputs, which are both digital and analog, for the purist. These headphones can be used fully digitally via the socket USB C without any form of data compression. In passive mode, these new headphones transfer signals to the transducer completely symmetrically via connectors Pentaconn 3,5mm o 6,3mm directly.

The concept Active Analog di T+A is based on analog inputs and maximizes their potential by allowing access to volume control and active suppression of background noise. All cables take the form of cables OFC with low structural sound, ending in gold-plated contacts.

Available and price

The new Solitaire T headphones by T + A will be available on the market starting from August 2022. As for the cost, we are talking about a price that runs around 1,399.00 euros. The T + A brand, in Italy, is distributed by Exhibo (here to visit the site).

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