T-CREATE EXPERT PCIe SSD: the solid state memory for mining

The new T-CREATE EXPERT PCIe SSD comes from TeamGroup, a product designed for the mining of the new generation of cryptocurrencies such as Chia that use algorithm based on proof-of-space-time, instead of the current proof-of-work

In recent years, the cryptocurrency market has gained a lot of attention, leading to a continuous increase in global mining. Chia, which began entering the markets in May, is one of the new types of cryptocurrencies. Its mining method differs from previous cryptocurrencies which use GPUs and ASICs to complete calculations and earn profits. In fact, its block chain is based on the use of memory for the validation of new blocks. The PCIe EXPERT SSD that provides very high durability, developed by TEAMGROUP creator secondary brand T-CREATE, is the best choice for the environmentally friendly “storage capacity-based mining” that Chia promotes.

T-CREATE EXPERT PCIe SSD: the solid state memory for mining

T-CREATE EXPERT PCIe SSD: Chia’s mining memory

Chia’s network uses a consensus algorithm called “Proof of Space and Time”. The yield of a Chia miner is directly proportional to the amount of storage space, translated in a nutshell you need very capacious SSDs. If you want to make high profits, you must have more hard drive space. This eliminates the possibility of mining with specially designed GPUs or ASIC chips. Storage capacity and power consumption are also relatively independent. Chia Network is therefore un new “greener” cryptocurrency system. If you want to join the mining community using this new green model, T-CREATE EXPERT PCIe SSD can help you get the best results. Presents very high TBW values ​​up to 12,000 TB, making it the perfect tool to support the intense write cycle algorithms required for the mining process.

Compared to the MP33 PCIe SSD or TEAMGROUP’s QX SSD, the T-CREATE EXPERT PCIe SSD has resistance from 3 to 10 times higher, eliminating the hassle of constantly replacing SSDs and having more valuable time mining cryptocurrency! Starting today, TEAMGROUP opens pre-orders of the PCIe T-CREATE EXPERT SSD for the mining market. For more information you can consult the official page. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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