T-FORCE XTREEM: TEAMGROUP lancia RAM fino a 5600 MHz

T-FORCE XTREEM: TEAMGROUP lancia RAM fino a 5600 MHz

TEAMGROUP launches the new line of T-FORCE XTREEM memories that will work in tandem with the new 11th generation Intel Rocket Lake processors with very high frequencies

Taiwanese manufacturer TEAMGROUP has announced the release of the new line of ultra-high clock DDR4 RAM that will coincide with the launch of Intel’s 11th generation Rocket Lake processors. It is about T-FORCE XTREEM DDR4, XTREEM ARGB DDR4 e XTREEM ARGB WHITE DDR4. When these high clock rate memory modules are paired with the latest Z590 motherboards, users will be able to experience blazing speeds and top performance that will please overclock enthusiasts and gamers all over the world.

T-FORCE XTREEM: the new DDR4 RAM memories up to 5600 MHz

T-FORCE R&D team continues to push clock speeds to higher levels and has successfully launched new 5600MHz, 5333MHz and 5066MHz DDR4 memory modules to be paired with the latest Z590 motherboards and 11th generation Intel Rocket Lake processors. With its XTREEM product line, T-FORCE is releasing a DDR4 memory kit with a clock rate of 5600MHz and a capacity of 16GB (8GB x 2) for maximum overclocking performance. At the same time, T-FORCE is releasing models XTREEM / XTREEM ARGB / XTREEM ARGB WHITE DDR4 upgraded with speeds of 5333MHz and 5066MHz and 16GB kits (8GB x 2) to meet the different needs of overlockers In addition to providing high overclocking speeds, T-FORCE also attaches great importance to the compatibility of its products. Its DDR4 memory modules with speeds above 5000MHz are compatible with Z590 motherboards from various manufacturers and 11th Generation Intel Rocket Lake processors, delivering extreme speeds to consumers around the world.

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