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Best PC Video Cards to Buy | April 2021

4, This monthly guide to buying a video card (Nvidia and AMD) will not be divided by price ranges but by categories of end use. In each category we will show you the best PC video cards to buy according to your budget

We will divide the best video cards present on the market in two macro-categories: best office video cards e best gaming video cards. Particular attention will fall on the latter category. It is the gaming sector that drives the consumer video card (GPU) market! Let’s find out together what the best PC video cards to buy!

Best video cards, what to pay attention to

When you are about to buy a video card for your PC it is good to inquire about several technical features.

  • Clock and number of cores: the clock, that is the speed of the video card processor, is measured in Mhz. They represent one of the most decisive values: the higher the number of cores and clocks, the more powerful the video card will be.
  • Video memory speed: commonly expressed in Ghz or Gigabit per second, it indicates the pass-through memory band. Mostly divided according to the type of memory chipset (respectively in ascending order of higher performance: GDDR3, GDDR5, GDDR5X or HBM).
  • Amount of video memory: The greater the amount of video memory, the greater the ability of the video card to store higher resolution textures and more details. Important to use above average screen resolutions.
  • Number and type of outputs present: it is important to check if the video card to be purchased is equipped with the outputs compatible with your monitor configuration (especially if multiple).
  • Energy consumption: It is important to check if your power supply, once the video card is added to your configuration, will satisfy the increased current demand.

Best video cards (best GPUs) for office

You don’t know which video card to choose for the PC you use every day to surf from your office? Well, actually you already have more than enough video card: your integrated video card! Except for particular uses, just go ahead and surf the web and run Office-style application suites.

In case you are not fully convinced of the performance of your integrated video card, we have only one video card to recommend.

Best video cards (best GPUs) for gaming

Appearing a gaming video card means opting for the best solution that our wallet allows us, without paying too much attention to savings. We will point out the details on the best video cards talking about resolution and details.

Best PC Graphics Cards to Buy: Budget Gaming – Low / Medium Graphics Details (Full HD)

Best PC Graphics Cards to Buy: Mid-Range Gaming – Medium Graphics Details (Full HD)

Best PC Graphics Cards to Buy: Mid / High-End Gaming – High Graphics Details (Full HD)

Best PC Graphics Cards to Buy: High-End Gaming – Ultra Graphics Details (Full HD)

Best video cards (best GPUs) for 2k configurations

Best video cards (best GPUs) for 4K or multimonitor configurations

See you next month!

Hope this guide on best video cards for PC to buy has been helpful and remember that it will be updated monthly. For any doubts or suggestions, I invite you to use the comments box below.

PS: remember to accompany your video card with one of the best CPUs!

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