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Tado° and Termo, the partnership to save on your gas bill

The energy transition is one of the focal themes of the last year. tado° e Term they have therefore entered into a partnership to give a boost to this transition, especially in residential places in Italy.

tado and Termo help the environment

The goal is to reduce the CO2 emissionsoffering Italians practical solutions that can help them save money on bills. This step can be achieved using the products offered by Termo and the smart solutions designed by tado°.

Expensive energy is a hot topic, which has led the citizens of the Belpaese to look for practical solutions, which manage not to affect too much their wallets and which include easy-to-use devices.

“We are committed to finding partners across Europe to take the energy transition in each country to the next level and Termo is the ideal ally for the Italian market” he said Christian Deilmann, co-founder and CPO of tado°.

“This partnership helps us in our mission to bring real solutions to users. The combination of energy class A boilers and tado° thermostats will allow Italians to better face one of the most expensive winters in recent years, as they will be able to have tangible benefits on their bills”.

Also Gabriele Basile, CEO of Termo he was enthusiastic about the collaboration: “Our greentech philosophy leads us to be involved in the front line of the challenge of the energy transition, which also includes efficient management of residential air conditioning.

We are thrilled to be able to collaborate with an innovative reality such as tado°, with which we share the goal of supporting users in optimizing consumption and reducing costs. Smart solutions such as intelligent thermostats, combined with our high energy class products, allow us to offer added value which, in the current historical context, can really make a difference”.

The energy transition is not an unattainable goal

the cost of gas has increased so much that users could get to spend 70% more on the bill. In practical terms, what can help Italians spend less could be the tado° smart thermostatthanks to which it is possible to save an average of 22%.

The functions of this thermostat are different: Geofencing, which automatically turns off the heating when the house is empty; detection of open windows; the adaptation to the weather conditions and the setting of timetables, which greatly reduce the waste of energy.

With the platform tado° 360 SaaSFurthermore, people can always count on a partner like Termo, who checks the status of the boiler and reports any anomalies in advance. This allows you to improve the maintenance of the heating system and raise its level of efficiency.

In addition there is also the possibility of installing a class A boiler, for a further saving of 30%. But that’s not all: Termo is about to bring a boiler to the market that combines high energy efficiency with tedo° smart devices, for an annual saving in bills per family of €1,220.

The collaboration between tado° and Termo is a fundamental first step, which contributes to the creation of a home energy transition. The goal is to guide consumers towards the reduction of consumption and costs, for greater efficiency and a more eco-friendly impact.

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