tado ° launches the new function of the Energy Cockpit app

tado° lancia la nuova funzione dell'app Energy Cockpit thumbnail

After an initial beta test period, all users tado° today have the opportunity to access the new Energy Cockpit function. To use the new function it will be sufficient to have activated the Auto-Assist and use a smart meter. Thanks to tado °’s new Energy Cockpit function, users will be able to have greater control and complete management of the cost of their energy bills.

tado ° launches the Energy Cockpit feature now available to all users

The tado ° Energy Cockpit feature allows users to have one complete visibility on heating costs and on energy consumption. In the future, moreover, this particular feature will allow you to intervene with changes such as setting the temperatures and energy saving functions in detail. Through the tado ° app it will be possible to access a high level of customization with users who can activate or deactivate various functions.

In this way, it will be possible manage and monitor heating and energy consumption systems at home efficiently and completely, all via an app. Using tado ° smart thermostats therefore becomes the right opportunity to save. Furthermore, with the future updates of Energy Cockpit and Auto-Assist, the service is destined to become even more complete.

The company comment

Christian Deilmann, co-founder and CPO of tado °, he comments: “Currently, Italian families have heated their homes without fully understanding the impact on their monthly bill. Our new “Energy Cockpit” app feature will be the first solution in the world where users can decide in advance how much they want to spend on heating each month and make changes to adjust the final figure. “

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