Tales from the Borderlands: new chapter coming

Tales from the Borderlands: nuovo capitolo confermato da Gearbox thumbnail

Gearbox announced that a new chapter of a spin-off of Borderlands will come back this year: we are talking about Tales from the Borderlands. The confirmation came via a tweet from the company’s official account, which specifies that there are many new stories to be told in the Borderlands universe and that a canonical announcement will arrive this summer.

Tales from the Borderlands: new chapter confirmed

The former developer for the first season of Tales of the Borderlands, Telltale Games, it is not mentioned in the announcement, which is not surprising given that the company has taken an editorial role since it closed and then reopened. It is unknown whether this new edition of the Tales from the Borderlands will continue with the characters of the first season or if it will move on to other stories within the universe.

The first season of Tales of the Borderlands is an adventure game that follows the exploits of the former employee of Hyperion Rhys and the scam artist Fiona in the harsh but fun world of Pandora. The game is configured as a full-fledged graphic adventure, as was tradition for the Telltale of the time and featured a high-level storytelling.

Here’s what we read in the announcement tweet: “There are other stories to explore in the Borderlands universe. A brand new adventure Tales from the Borderlands will arrive in 2022 from GearboxOfficail and 2K. Stay tuned for a full announcement this summer. ” The message came along with an artwork featuring three characters under the Borderlands logo with a large moon shining in the background.

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