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Tar confirms the fine of over 100 million euros to Google

Tar confirms the fine of over 100 million euros to Google thumbnail

Bad news for Google. The Antitrust has confirmed the fine of over 100 million euros to the companies Google LLC, Google Italia and Alphabet Inc. for abuse of a dominant position. To confirm this is the Tar of Laziowhich firmly supports the positions of the Antitrust, according to which the technological giant favors the use of Google Maps – at the expense of other applications – through the Android system and the Google Play store.

Google: Tar confirms the maximum fine for abuse of dominant position

According to reports from the Lazio TAR, Google abused its position to delay and hinder the publication of JuicePass, the App developed by Enel X for Android Auto. In the past, in fact, the Antitrust had already stated that Google would have excluded from its store the application for recharging electric vehicles trying to favor Google Maps, capable of providing a similar service. Abusing its position, therefore, the tech giant would have violated Article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

Therefore, the Antitrust had decided that Google would have to pay a maximum fine of 102 million euros. On that occasion, the giant had tried to defend itself as best it could: “Android Auto’s number one priority is to ensure that apps can be used safely while driving. This is why we have strict guidelines on the types of Apps supported, based on the regulatory standards of the sector and tests on distraction at the wheel “. This attempt was useless, because the Lazio TAR confirmed the Antitrust decision: a heavy fine for the technology company.

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