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Targus: presented the new Docking Monitor

Targus introduces dual display Docking Monitor solution to create a more productive, clutter-free workspace

Targus (click here for more information on the company), is a privately held multinational of accessories for mobile computing. It designs, manufactures and sells laptop and tablet cases, computer accessories such as mice, keyboards and displays, as well as universal docking stations. Targus employs approximately 500 people worldwide. Mikel H. Williams is chief executive officer and chairman.

Statements regarding the new Targus Docking Monitor

Targus, a leader in the creation of laptop cases and accessories for mobile computing, has announced that it has launched a new one integrated docking station and a dual display monitor to offer a tidy and productive workspace. Below are the first statements from the company regarding the new Docking Monitor.

This is the world’s first solution that connects a monitor, host dock and optional secondary display, with just one power supply,

explains David Dorantes, director of product marketing, Targus. Which then went on to state that:

It’s a must-have addition to any modern professional workspace setup.

Targus: new Docking Monitor presented


Il monitor docking 24-inch USB-C with power delivery from 100 W (DM4240PUSZ) joins a docking station Targus ultra-compatibile performance-based with a display LCD HD 1080p via HDMI or DisplayPort. In addition to the option to expand the display configuration with a 24-inch secondary monitor (DM4240SUSZ), sold separately.

Monitor docking USB-C da 24 pollici

With 100W power delivery for the host device and a comfortable display design, the monitor docking USB-C da 24 pollici is the ultimate docking solution for staying connected, powered and productive. His built-in speakers, two microphones it’s a webcam 2M Pixel they eliminate messy cables and extra gadgets to save valuable desktop space. Space that can be used to connect other essential peripherals, such as a mouse, keyboard, or external hard drive. Thanks to its two doors USB-A 3.2 Gen 1a door Ethernet and a door of audio input / output.

Targus: presented the new Docking Monitor

24-inch secondary monitor

To enable a configuration a dual displayadd the secondary 24-inch monitor (sold separately) by connecting it to the primary monitor using the DC power cable and DP cable. These are enough to power both monitors, as well as the laptop. This combination will help you be more productive, without clutter. Its convenient display design and high resolution graphics make it the perfect addition to your workspace. The secondary monitor includes a port video HDMI 1.4a door DisplayPort 1.2a door VGA and a door of audio output. It also comes with a cable management clip, a power cord DC and a DP daisy chain cable.


Both monitors are mounting compatible VESA 100 with fully adjustable height and screen angles. This adjustability allows users to use the display in portrait or landscape mode with a rotation of the screen 360 degrees. While enjoying crisp, clear colors in HD 1080p and 178-degree wide-angle view. An integrated lock slot also houses standard security locks to safeguard equipment. They support Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android and LINUX and are backed by the industry-leading three-year limited warranty from Targus.

Targus: new Docking Monitor presented

Prices and availability

I Targus Docking Monitor are available for sale on and through participating resellers. Visit the website for more product details and pricing. The main docking monitor is priced at $ 449.99while, the secondary monitor is priced at $ 249.99.

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