Taylor Swift in Italy: beware of computer scams and fake tickets

Taylor Swift in Italia: attenzione alle truffe informatiche e ai biglietti falsi thumbnail

Taylor Swift fans are literally counting the days. The July 14, 2024in about 12 months, the most popular living artist in the world will be in concert in Italy, at San Siro, for his Eras Tour. The expectation is obviously very high and tickets for what will be the only Italian date of Taylor Swift’s tour will surely be unobtainable. And it is precisely when the tickets are unobtainable that the scammers come into play.

The most ardent fans, who have pre-registered on the official website, will be able to purchase tickets in advance starting next July 13th. But it’s not just them who are anxiously awaiting this moment. Also the bad guys could take advantage of the opportunity to launch cyber attacks against potential buyersusing social engineering techniques such as smishing, phishing and TOAD (Telephone Oriented Attack and Defense).

According to a study by Proofpoint, in 2023 there was an increase in telephone scams linked to fake concert tickets for artists famous as Justin Bieber e The Weeknd.

Taylor Swift in concert in Italy: how to avoid online ticket scams

In order not to fall into the network of scammersMatt Cooke, Cybersecurity Strategist di Proofpoint, gave us some useful tips. And since this article is aimed primarily at Taylor Swift fans, she thought it best to associate cybersecurity advice with her songs.

  • You Belong To Me: Your personal and financial data is yours and you must protect it. Never disclose them to people you don’t know or who don’t inspire you with confidence.
  • Wildest Dreams: If you receive a link or attachment from an unknown sender promising to buy tickets in advance, do not open it. This could be an attempt to infect your device or steal your information.
  • Out Of The Woods: even if you have received a purchase confirmation by email, don’t let your guard down. Check carefully for spelling or grammar errors, which could be signs of a scam.
  • All Too Well: Cybercriminals know how strong the emotion of attending a concert is and try to exploit it to deceive you. Use only official channels to communicate with the organizers and do not reply to emails or messages that you receive.
  • Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve: Don’t share your passwords with other people and be sure to change them regularly. Consider using a password manager to protect your personal information from theft.
  • You Need To Calm Down: do not act on impulse. Be wary of unexpected phone calls or emails with offers for tickets or other prizes. Stopping to think helps to manage every situation in the best possible way.
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