Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour: between success and controversy

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Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour is a success, even in Italy. However, not everything seems to be going well in the theaters. Here because

After the success achieved in the United States, the concert film, starring Taylor Swift he landed in Italy. If on the one hand the film managed to obtain an excellent response at the box office, even in our country, on the other hand there are those who have decided not to remain silent in the face of some situations created in the cinema. Let’s find out what happened.

Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour: between success and controversy

The Italian success | Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour: between success and controversy

The increased ticket price, which cost more than 20 euros, did not stop the fans of the thirty-three-year-old singer Taylor Swift, who rushed into the theater to watch Taylor Swift – The Eras Tour, already record pre-sales. In its first weekend of broadcast, the film did well in the United States 96 million dollars in proceeds. In Italy, however, the show, screened in 170 cinemas, achieved a gross of 746.531 euro. In fact, the film beat The Exorcist – The Believer, which grossed 659,165 euros this weekend, and Dogman, which managed to take home 466 thousand euros on its debut. We are now waiting for the total numbers that the film will manage to conquer. In fact, let’s remember that this concert film will also remain in theaters on weekends from 19 to 22 October, from 26 to 29 October and from 2 to 5 November.


Unfortunately, however, not all that glitters is gold. Despite being promoted as a film to be enjoyed while celebrating music, many did not like the environment often created in the room. Some even called it a “horrific cinematic experience.” These are the words of those who, once they entered the room, thinking of attending the singer’s performances, found themselves in the room with a screaming audience, disrespectful of others and ready to set off trains and improvised choreographies, in front of the screen. All well demonstrated by videos, easily found online. On the other hand, the cheering public defends itself, claiming that this is the right spirit with which to approach the film. And did you see the concert film? If so, let us know if you too have had similar experiences and, above all, which side you’re on.

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