Le canzoni di Taylor Swift sono tornate su TikTok (almeno per ora) thumbnail

Taylor Swift's songs are back on TikTok (at least for now)

New twist in the battle tra TikTok e Universal Music. After being removed from the Chinese social network's catalogue, Taylor Swift's songs are back in the TikTok library, a bit of a surprise. It happened yesterday – Thursday 11 March 2024 – revealing a climate of détente between the two parties. But how long will it last?

Why did Taylor Swift's songs disappear from TikTok?

In reality Taylor Swift is only the most famous name. The removal of the Universal Music catalog from TikTok affected a total of over 3 million songs, including songs from the likes of Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish e Rihanna (among others).

The tug of war between the major record company Universal Music and ByteDance (the company that manages TikTok) was born regarding the financial distribution of royalties for the use of musical tracks. Universal claims that the remuneration received from TikTok is not adequate, considering the importance that music plays for the success of the platform, famous for its short audio and video clips that often go viral.

To learn more about the TikTok-Universal affair, we refer you to our dedicated article.

Why is only Taylor Swift's music back?

If it is true that Taylor Swift's songs have returned to TikTok, it is equally true that the remaining part of the Universal catalog remains inaccessible.

The reason for this exception remains uncertain, but it is speculated that the decision is linked to the imminent release of his new album, The Tortured Poets Departmentscheduled for April 19.

TikTok, known for its ability to amplify music's reach through viral sharing, may be playing a crucial role in promoting new work by the West Reading singer-songwriter.

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