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TCL Announces Tech News at CES 2023

TCL presents its novelties at CES 2023: large TVs, tablets and smart glasses. The Chinese giant is increasingly committed to making quality screens but also devices with advanced performance

TCL, a major player in the global TV and consumer electronics industry, ahead of the start of the fair, held its press conference at CES 2023. The company revealed important updates on the company’s latest initiatives, new technologies in the categories displays, appliances and mobile devices.

TCL: technology for a better future

Every year technology evolves, changing lifestyles and bringing new definitions of intelligence, ideal for facing moments of maximum prosperity or very challenging periods. For this reason, the level of expectations of cutting-edge technologies rises more and more.

TCL Announces Tech News at CES 2023

The statements of Juan Du

Juan DuPresident of TCL Electronics said:

As a responsible company, TCL is committed to making meaningful contributions to society, local communities and the ever-changing environment.TCL adopts new technologies to promote environmentally conscious manufacturing, and with our global #TCL Green campaign, we wish to inspire more and more people to join us in protecting the planet and building a sustainable home. Also important to us are gender equality and culture for the younger generation which we support with #TCL for Her and other global campaigns.

TLC: Technology for a Bigger, Smarter Comprehensive Ecosystem

For an experience home theater fully immersive, TCL presented the latest generation of TV Mini LED is QLED. available in sizes up to 98 inches, advanced gaming functions, and accompanied by brand new soundbars.

In addition to display e all’home theaterTCL also creates an incredible intelligent and connected ecosystem where the evolution of technology from appliances, accessible 5G technology upgrade, augmented reality, and full-screen personal viewing experiences integrate intuitively to make users’ lives easier and better.

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