TCL svela le novità in arrivo in Italia nei prossimi mesi thumbnail

TCL unveils the news coming to Italy in the coming months

TCL unveils the news coming to Italy in the coming months thumbnail

TCL is preparing to bring a large number of new products to the Italian market. The company, in fact, has unveiled the range of devices arriving on the Italian market by the spring of 2022. From new smartphones passing to the world of TVs and soundbars and up to the white sector, with washing machines and refrigerators, the range of TCL will record a large number of news. It should be noted that the company is preparing to bring two new product categories to Italy: the robot vacuum cleaner and the air purifier.

TCL prepares many novelties for the Italian market

The TCL 250 is the new smartphone with which the company aims to conquer the Italian market. It is a entry level device (the price will be just 99.90 euros) with Android 11 Go Edition. The device features a 6.22-inch display with HD resolution and a dual rear camera. To manage the operation of the device there will be the UnisocSC9863A SoC supported by 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage.

News also coming to the TV world with new ones C Series TV with screens QLED e Mini LED and panels from 43 inches up to 75 inches. The new TV series is equipped with Android TV as a Smart platform. The offer will start at € 429 and go up to € 1799 for the top-of-the-range C Series. Also noteworthy are the new TS8132 and TS8111 sounderbars to maximize the audio quality starting from 199 euros.

The other products of the company

There will also be two TCL news new series of washing machines (Series F and Series P82) and different models of refrigerators (combined, cross door, French door, side by side) in order to fully satisfy the needs of customers. TCL also enters two other segments of the Italian market with the robot vacuum cleaner Sweeva, available in four models, and the air purifier, Breeva, present in 3 models. For all the details on the new TCL range for Italy, please consult the official company website.

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