TCL was awarded with the Awards for Innovative Technologies during CES 2023

TCL è stata premiata con gli Awards for Innovative Technologies durante il CES 2023 thumbnail

TCLone of the world leaders in TV and consumer electronics, was awarded by ADG al CES 2023 for his continuous innovations in the world of display technologies.

The awards obtained by TCL during CES 2023

A panel of global experts and influential media carefully selected the winning products, submitted as part of the ADG-sponsored 2022-2023 Global Top Brands Award, held on Friday, January 6 in Las Vegas.

In total there are two awards obtained by the company at CES 2023 in Las Vegas:

  • Display Technology Innovation Gold Award al TV TCL Mini LED 4K C845;
  • Eye Protection Innovation of the Year a TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro.

The Display Technology Innovation Gold Award is among the most prestigious, and this accolade largely reflects TCL’s efforts to advance the Mini LED technologies and displays for home theater solutions of high quality in terms of colour, sharpness and contrast of the images.

To support Mini LED technology, TCL has also entered into some important partnerships. Among the recent ones we find the one with MOT.

As for the Eye Protection Innovation of the Year award, this went to the TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro, a display that testifies to the latest advances in TCL’s NXTPAPER technologies and offers an unforgettable visual experience.

TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro, compared to its predecessor, is up to 100% brighter and thanks to a paper-like display filters up to 61% of blue light harmful to the eyes, thus providing clear vision without compromising eye health.

The public was able to experience the latest TCL innovations at CES 2023, the most important tech event in the world. The event was held from 5 to 8 January in Las Vegas and saw millions of enthusiasts flock to the US city to witness the latest news and what will be the tech trends of this year.

TCL was present at Las Vegas Convention Center with its stand.