TEAMGROUP: new SSD and cooling system

TEAMGROUP made itself known with its production of PC components, becoming the industry leader. Today, its gaming sub-brand T-FORCE announced the release of a new liquid cooling system and the M200 portable SSD.

The liquid cooling system for CPU ARG SIREN GD240E All-In-One comes with a mounting bracket for the last socket LGA 1700 and supports 12th generation Intel processors and motherboards Z690. The M200 portable SSD is the winner of the Good Design Awards 2021 in Japan. Players around the world will be able to access these products starting this December.

A fast and silent cooling system

TEAMGROUP: new SSD and cooling system

The new liquid cooling system for CPU SIREN GD240E AIO ARGB It not only supports older Intel and AMD sockets, but also provides a mounting kit for the latest socket LGA 1700. The base plate, support screws and mounting brackets allow the water block to fit perfectly on the processor.

The contact of the surfaces allows a rapid heat transfer to the heat sink, increasing the air dissipation and quickly removing the heat from the CPU.

To optimize heat transfer, the SIREN GD240E features an ultra-fast 4000 rpm water pump installed on the radiator for minimize the noise on the CPU caused by the vibrations of the water pump.

These features give the system a cooling process 1.5 times faster than typical liquid-cooled products, while also providing the best protection for next-generation Intel processors.

SIREN GD240E is an all-in-one liquid cooling system with first-rate heat dissipation and with a beautiful visual style thanks to theelegant mirror finish of the waterblock and at ARGB fans from TEAMGROUP high speed which support all kinds of motherboard software.

A large, light and portable SSD

The M200 Portable SSD has a USB 3.2 Gen 2 × 2 interface, which offers the extraordinary speed of 2000 MB / s, four times faster than USB 3.2 Gen 1 external SSDs. It also has USB Type A and Type C OTG capabilities, and supports a wide range of platforms, including tablet, smartphone e console PlayStation™ e Xbox™.

With a total weight of only 83 grams it’s a space capacity of 8 TB, the M200 SSD is lightweight and portable, offering easy access at high speed and extraordinarily large storage space.

The upgraded SIREN GD240E AIO ARGB liquid CPU cooler offers a new CPU cooling option for the latest Intel platform, and the M200 SSD offers two different transmission interfaces.

A perfect combination of products for those who need a large storage space, absolutely recommended the purchase of these two products. Both products will be available this December to buyers across the globe.

TEAMGROUP: new SSD and cooling system

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