Tech gifts for maturity 2022

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You are looking for the best tech gifts for those about to face the maturity 2022? Maybe you are looking for a fun gadget to say you are proud of, or maybe a device that can help undergraduates in the future job or at university. We have collected several ideas in this article to give you the right idea for all new patients (and for all budgets).

Tech gifts: here are the best ones for maturity 2022

The end of high school marks a important step for all former students, that they continue in their studies for another ten years or that they launch into the world of work the day after the oral exam. Because it marks a symbolic transition between adolescence and the world of adults in the clearest possible way.

A moment that is right to celebrate: with a family lunch or dinner with friends, with a party, with a trip or with a nice gift. Here we have collected some ideas for the best tech gifts for high school 2022. We will start with the “strong pieces” such as smartphones and then propose some interesting gadgets. We will try to cover all tastes and price ranges, knowing that it is impossible: if you have any particular requests, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments.

Tech gifts for maturity 2022: smartphones

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Lo smartphone now it is one instrument of primary necessity, especially for those who are preparing to follow the complicated hours of the university or have to find a job. And you don’t even need to spend space sums to find great products: trust those like us at techprincess who try out several smartphones a year, cheap smartphones keep getting better. At the link below you will find a selection of the best smartphone under 250 euros.

However, success in the final exams could become an opportunity to give a truly top smartphone: maybe a iPhone 13 or a Galaxy S22. But with Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi and so many other companies to choose from you are spoiled for choice. Here is a guide to do it easily.

Best tech gifts for maturity: an instant camera

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The recent graduates are about to leave for a vacation with their classmates, or they have organized a party with the whole school. Either way, a fun tech gift could be one instant camera. Instagram and TikTok have all the space in the world for shots and videos, but the charm of film printed allows you to create unique memories.

Here we’ve rounded up some of the best instant cameras, but you can’t go wrong with the classic Polaroid.

Tech agendas and tablets for taking notes at the university

best student tablet 2021 Microsoft Surface go 2

If the recent high school graduates you want to reward with a special gift are going to college, a note-taking diary might be a great idea. We still greatly appreciate the pleasure of writing on paper, while being at the keyboard all day. But if you want one of the best tech gifts for those facing maturity, the set Moleskine Smart Writing it could be a really interesting idea. This way you can write by hand and transfer everything to the cloud to arrange your notes in the future.

An even more tech alternative is to bet on a tablet with e-ink screenwith the screen that appears to be made of paper but the functionality of an uncompromising intelligent product. reMarkable 2 (here you can also have it sent to Italy) costs 299 eurobut it elevates “note taking” to a whole other level.

Finally, if writing on paper or on an e-ink screen has many advantages, taking notes on a classic tablet can be just as enjoyable. And then you have a complete operating system for watching movies, playing games, installing millions of applications. There are many possibilities, which you can find at the link below. But with un iPad classicor play it safe, it has a really good value for money.

A pair of headphones for the post-high school holiday

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After graduation, before starting on the long road to the future, there is a last moment of rest: the last ‘long’ holidays for many students. There are those who want to enjoy them with a trip, some simply relaxing before thinking about entry tests and job interviews.

A pair of headphones, especially wireless, could be a great gift. Here we’ve rounded up the best around, with a focus on auricolari true wireless more comfortable in any situation. Which will become useful even after the summer to go to university or to work. But if you want to make a good impression with one of the best maturity tech gifts possible, Sony just launched its new noise-canceling headphones (and lowered the price of last year’s still great ones).

An eReader for high school graduates who love to read

kobo sage 2 ereader min

Each book instantly becomes more beautiful when there is no longer a teacher who forces you to read it (although we haven’t yet found the courage to give Thomas Mann a second chance after high school). If the learner loves to read, giving a book as a gift is wonderful. Especially if you donate pages that particularly touched you when you were his age.

But if you want to play it safe, a eReader is always appreciated. THE Kindle e i Kobo there are two certainties, you can choose with your eyes closed.

A gift for gamers

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For many recent graduates, this will be the last break before college or work (or both). Having studied for five years and passed the high school diploma, one of the best tech gifts what you can do is relax. And video games are a great solution.

If you know the title of the game they are waiting for, you already have the solution. Otherwise you can buy mouse e keyboards for those who play with the PC.

Or invest more and buy a console directly, maybe one Xbox or one Nintendo Switch (and if you find one online or in the store PlayStation 5).

Maturity 2022 gifts: the best for those who love movies and TV series

tech gifts maturity series

The graduates you celebrate prefer movies and series videogames? There are tons of great gifts for them too. For example, you can give one of the new ones as a gift Chromecast con Google TV or one Fire TV the Amazon.

Alternatively, you can think of a smart TV directly, perhaps one of the fantastic ones LG’s new OLED TVs, if you want to make a much more expensive gift. But of the highest quality.

Best gifts for graduation: a beautiful smartwatch

tech gifts maturity smartwatch

And nice watch always remains in the top 10 of the most popular gifts for diplomas and degrees. Today there are more watches smart, but the concept does not change. You can choose from a huge selection of products, which cost a few tens of euros or a few hundred. Below you will find the link to discover the best ones.

But remember to pay attention to compatibility with the smartphone. If you have an iPhone, a Apple Watch SE it could be the choice with the best value for money. With Android, Galaxy Watch4 Classic it works great. When in doubt, the new Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro it’s really elegant.

A laptop is an investment in the future

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Do you want to overdo it? Are you ready to spend a little more to make a gift that will come in handy in the future? There are things that smartphones and tablets simply cannot do (even if there are fewer and fewer). For many future workers and academics, a laptop becomes essential.

A MacBook Air with the new M1 chip has everything the vast majority of people need. When it comes to Windows, the Surface Laptop 4 has a pro look and performance.

These are just a few ideas for the best tech gifts for maturity 2022. We have included in the list only gadgets and devices that are useful and may appeal to many recent graduates. But if you have any special requests, feel free to ask them in the comments.