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Border Bots VR è a casual game with a very humorous background. It is set in a dystopian future where robots take care of everything and humans just watch. In the game Let’s take on the role of an inspector in charge of whether or not to allow robots into the city. We tried Border Bots VR previewed for you and we’ll tell you about it in this review.

Border Bots VR

It’s a little difficult to describe in a few words what kind of game Border Bots VR is. Basically, it’s about a game in which we manipulate objects in a virtual environment. What makes it exciting, however, are the story and the context.

Imagine a dystopian future where all the work is delegated to robots. Work of any kind, including speaking on the news. The few remaining humans are practically do-nothing and observe a world populated by machines. Then the unexpected happens: it’s there a problem with the robotic population and we need to check that they can enter the city. To do this, however, you need a human. This means that, for the first time in decades, humans will have jobs. Since selection mechanisms no longer exist we go by extraction and the first winner, coincidentally, is us.

Our task is deceptively simple. A robot shows up at the counter with his card and we, after examining it, we will have to approve it or not upon entry. Let’s say apparently simple because with each work shift new elements will be added to evaluate, objects to use or buttons to push. If at the end of the shift we have rated correctly enough robotthe day will end on a positive note.

The setting, if you are a fan of independent games, is not exactly new. Some may have already recognized elements of “Papers, Please” e “Peace, Death!“. Border Bots VR is clearly inspired by these two indie titles, but renew the formula. Not just for VR but adding a Extremely funny and humorous story.

The wrist holoprojector phone

A constant progression

While playing Border Bots VR to do this review, the thing that fascinated us was the constant progression of activities: the fact that no day, no shift, was the same as the previous one.

During the day we wake up at home, watch the news and deal with household robots. Then, we go out onto the balcony, call an air taxi and go to the office. Once we get back to the office, the cycle starts again with us waking up the next morning.

The point is that every day the situation becomes more and more funny, complex and paradoxical. At home, domestic robots increase, they ask us to do actions for them and they interact in increasingly bizarre ways. At the office, there’s always one more button to press o a new element to observe. A lever to quarantine robots, a button to inspect them up close, counterfeit license plates, hidden contraband, and more. This is without counting the interactions via holo-projector wristwatch with unlikely characters and colorful robots dressed in increasingly eccentric ways.

In short; although this type of game can easily become repetitive quickly, with Border Bots VR we were never really bored.

border bots vr robotRobot definitely with character

The game mechanics

The game is divided into two phases: in the office and at home. We are in the office virtually sitting (or standing) and we have usa series of objects around us. So, let’s reach out, grab some tools and use them. At home, we interact with the environment and domestic robots, and in addition to manipulation we have also the mechanics of movement.

The movement can be either with teleportation is with a continuous transition. If you suffer from motion sickness (you get seasick easily when playing in VR) we suggest the first option. In our case, we moved forward hours without the slightest disturbance.

As for the mechanics of moving itself, when we’re at home, if we’re being honest, It didn’t seem very comfortable to us. In practice, we point where we want to place our feet and, often, we are either too far from what we want to take or we practically have it on us. In some cases a little more space between the furniture no longer would it have hurt, especially since it is also virtual. However, don’t worry, because you will always be at home for a fairly limited time.

A little language problem

Of note, given that we know that it can be a problem for some, the game is regionalized in Italian for all writing, including news subtitles. The spoken part is only in English. In our opinion, the pronunciation is accessible, but it is still possible to activate dei holographic subtitles.

Border Bots VR review in brief

Border Bots VR is a casual game in which we take on the role of a human inspector for robots. We have to approve or deny robot access to the city based on a progressively more complicated set of criteria. The game it made us have a lot of fun for his light-hearted soul and kept us with head in the viewer for hourswith the desire to understand how the story ends.

If you are a casual player, given the price, it is a purchase on Steam or PlayStation Store that we really recommend you evaluate. Replayability, honestly, it’s not very tall once you know how the story ends, but, for 17 euros, it’s definitely worth it.

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