TEKKEN 8 demo now available for PlayStation 5 (also coming to Xbox)

Tekken 8 è ufficiale: chi sarà il nuovo King of the Iron Fist? thumbnail

Fighting game fans can finally get their hands on the demo di TEKKEN 8, downloadable today for PlayStation 5. Xbox and PC owners will instead have to wait until December 21st, when the demo will also arrive for Microsoft computers and consoles.

What does the TEKKEN 8 demo involve?

The demo offers players the opportunity to test some of the game modes present in the final version, both offline and online. Among these are:

  • HISTORY: The first chapter of the main story, titled “The Dark Awakens”, which sees Jin Kazama face his father Kazuya, the leader of the evil G Corporation.
  • VERSUS: A classic mode where you can choose between four characters (Jin, Kazuya, Paul and Nina) and three scenarios (URBAN SQUARE, YAKUSHIMA and SANCTUM) to challenge a friend or the computer.
  • Galleria: a section where you can view some of the most memorable scenes of the TEKKEN saga, from the first to the seventh chapter.

Additionally, a new trailer was released today showing off some of the cinematic footage from The Dark Awakens, the game’s main story. You can watch it below.

When is the full version of TEKKEN 8 coming out?

TEKKEN 8 will be the first chapter in the series to exploit the potential of next-generation consoles, offering breathtaking graphics and fluid, dynamic gameplay. The game will encourage an aggressive and spectacular fighting style, with new moves, combos and mechanics.

TEKKEN 8 will be available from January 26, 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series. To pre-order, we refer you to the Bandai Namco website and Amazon.it

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