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Tekken: Bloodline: here is the official trailer and release date

TIn less than a month, the new anime series Tekken: Bloodline will be available on Netflix. Waiting for the official release of the episodes of the project, inspired by the hugely popular videogame series Tekken, a new one is available today official trailer. Here are the details:

Tekken: Bloodline, here is the new official trailer

Below you can take a preview look at the new trailer for Tekken: Bloodline. The new anime series inspired by Tekken video games, a fighting game series inaugurated in the 90s, will arrive on Netflix starting next August 18th.

The story of the series will follow Jin Kazama who will be prompted by his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, to participate in the Tournament of the Steel Fist in which the main fighters of the planet will also take part. All the most famous characters of the videogame series will participate in the competition.

At the moment, however, the information on the plot of Tekken: Bloodline is very limited. For more details you can take a look at the trailer which minimizes the information revealed about the project. The story should be connected to the appreciated Tekken 3video game released in 1997.

More details on the project will arrive in the coming days. After the successes obtained with other anime in the past, Netflix aims to carve out a new prominent space with Tekken: Bloodline. The anime series is certainly highly anticipated and will certainly be one of the most interesting news of the summer on Netflix.

Here is the trailer:

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