Telegram obscure Enough Dictatorship, the no vax channel

Telegram oscura Basta Dittatura, il canale no vax thumbnail

Lately Telegram has obscured and blocked “Enough Dictatorship”, a channel no vax e no Green Pass italiano with over 40 thousand subscribers, for having violated the terms of service. Through the channel, the main source of communication, users exchanged information. Here are the details.

Telegram obscure Enough Dictatorship, the no vax channel

“This channel cannot be viewed because it violated Telegram’s terms of service.” This is the message seen by everyone who was subscribed to the channel. Through Enough Dictatorship, users they coordinated with each other, and they exchanged information and organized the upcoming demonstrations in the square.

The canal even had exceeded 40 thousand subscribers, becoming one of the larger channels of information no vax e no Green Pass italiano.

The Turin prosecutor had previously requested the closure of the canal, also requesting a seizure device following disclosure of addresses e phone numbers of Palazzo Chigi and other important names in the political and medical sector.

Telegram has published a message explaining the decision to close the channel. We report it below.

This group incites violence against vaccination doctors. They published the names of specific doctors calling for their lynching. All of this is contrary to Telegram’s policy. Before blocking it, we warned the channel moderators to stop these violations but they didn’t.

One of the main victims is Valentina Sellaroli, the prosecutor who is currently dealing with the case. Sellaroli had ended up in the crosshairs of the no Green Passes, which they had disclosed his personal information across the channel. Furthermore, users were asking for clog his inbox with offensive messages and against the magistrate.

At the moment it does not seem that a new Telegram channel has been created but we will keep you updated on the latest news.