Telegram Premium: how does it work (and how much does it cost)?

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After announcing this in early June, the paid version of the messaging app has arrived: Telegram Premium. A subscription that “allows you to support the continuous development of Telegram and to access exclusive additional functions“, by paying $ 4.99 monthly to the app. The news will be many, fromfaster downloads to uploads up to 4GB, and then artificial intelligence and even new capabilities sticker e reactions exclusive. But without affect the main functionalities of the messaging app, that users can continue to use for free. So let’s see how Telegram Premium works.

Telegram Premium: how the subscription to the messaging app works

The CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov last week reiterated what he had already said since 2020, when for the first time he had mentioned the possibility of inserting a subscription level in the app. The free features that stand decreeing the success of Telegram (which has reached 700 million active users every month) will remain free. But Premium users will receive some interesting new features, both aesthetic and functional.

“Contributions from premium subscribers will help improve and expand the app for the next few decades, while Telegram will remain free, independent and will maintain its values that put users first, redefining the way a technology company should operate. ” writes the social.

Lots of news, from new icons for links to the possibility of do not see sponsored content even in public channels in which they are present. In addition to the basic functions of the free account.

The new icons for Premium users

How Telegram Premium works: uploads and downloads, doubled limits

Among the many interesting features coming to Telegram Premium, the increase in the size limit for uploading files is perhaps the most useful immediately. At the moment all users can send files up to 2GB. A really handy feature: we often use it for example to send photographic samples of smartphones we review to our PC, or to send files of all kinds to work or to friends.

With Telegram Premium, this severy day gets up to 4GB, double. This way you should also be able to send heavier files (think of videos in ProRes iPhone, for example) without having to divide them or without using a transfer service like WeTransfer.

I downloads instead become faster, making full use of the bandwidth of your network. This way you can download the heaviest files in seconds.

They also double all limits compared to the standard version. So you can follow up to 1000 channelscreate up to 20 cartel cat with a maximum of 200 chat each, add a quarto account to any Telegram app, fix 10 chat in the main list and save up to 10 favorite stickers.

telegram premium how it works new min limits

You also have the option to write a longer bio, as well as increase the number of characters in media captions when sending photos or videos. You can also save up to 400 GIFs instead of 200, to express yourself at your best. Until then, you can reserve up to 20 public links t.meto create groups or channels easily.

Convert audios to text

A really cool feature is the ability to convert audio files to text. When a person replies to you with a vowel, which you cannot or do not want to hear in full, you can click the icon next to it to convert it to text. The AI ​​will listen to it and transcribe it for you.

You can also rate the transcripts to improve the service.

Unique stickers and reactions (but not only)

In addition to functional improvements and the conversion of audio to text, there are many new features in terms of customization. In fact you can use dozens of stickers with full screen animations that all other users can see (even if only Premium accounts can use). In addition, every month new stickers created exclusively by Telegram artists.

Telegram Premium users unlock plus 10 new emoji. And you can also customize the chats, managing the list of conversations, changing the default folder (to immediately view the Unread, for example). Subscribers also have the option of archive and mute automatically new chats.

There are also animated profile photos, which all other users will be able to see both in the chat list and within the chats themselves. Finally, you will also have a special star shaped badge which will appear next to your name in the chat listin the chat titles and in member lists in groups.

Telegram ha inbesides announced several new features also for free users, with over 100 fixes and improvements and new ways to manage media on both iOS and Android. To demonstrate that development will also continue in the free version of the app, which is constantly growing.

The upcoming news is interesting, but the thing we appreciate is that they are not necessary to use Telegram as we always have. Users who want to support the app have some extra privileges, but I don’t have to pay for functionality that was already available in the free version. One more thing, which should make Premium and non-Premium users happy.

What do you think about it? Will you sign up for a Premium account or are the extras not worth the price in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.

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