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Telegram Premium is in the works: what do you get with the subscription?

According to some rumors, it appears that Telegram is currently working on a Premium subscription. Let’s find out all the Announcements e i privileges that users could get by subscribing to this new version.

Telegram Premium is around the corner: what can I get?

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Telegram is one of the best instant messaging apps out there, which offers some features you won’t find on WhatsApp. At the same time it definitely moves away fromprivacy issues Facebook app. The team behind Telegram currently has not yet tried to monetize but that may change soon.

The Telegram Beta community has discovered a Telegram Premium subscription service in version 8.7.2 dell’app iOS; we therefore believe that the Android version will soon receive this kind of subscription. So, on balance, what do you get by subscribing to this version? What benefits would users get?

It seems that subscribing to Telegram Premium offers users extra stickers e exclusive reactions. Non-subscribers who choose these stickers and reactions, instead, will be invited to to sign for the premium level. Although it is an interesting way to monetize the platformhowever, we hope that Telegram can offer some more advantages.

In any case, this method is much more reasonable than the monetization approach based on Facebook ads and data. Telegram’s approach is also not unprecedented, as the likes of Discord and Twitch also offer a premium service with perks like emoji / extended emotions e customization of the user.

However, the information available to us is exhausted. The idea of ​​a premium subscription seems interesting to us and we just have to wait confirmations e details by the company.

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