Telegram, the function that hides spoilers is coming

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Telegram is about to add another interesting feature to yours messaging app: the possibility of hide spoilers. This can allow you to discuss a movie (such as the recent No Way Home) in the group with friends without spoiling the vision for those who have not yet rushed to the cinema.

Telegram, new feature to hide spoilers

The groups on Telegram reach up to 200 thousand people: among all of them, there may also be one of the very few Spider-Man fans who has not yet run to see Spider-Man: No Way Home. Adding a function to cover the spoilers allows you to discuss your favorite streaming series or latest thrille bookr that they gave you for Christmas without worrying about annoying someone.

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On the Telegram subreddit there is a demonstration of how the “spoiler alert“On the app. After you have written the potentially ‘spoiler’ text you can select the text and choose the “Spoiler” option among those that come out in the menu above the text. When you send the message, that part of the text will be covered by a “pixel cloud”That hides every word. Those who want to read the text will simply have to touch the censored part to bring up the information at risk of spoilers. Those who want to remain in the dark can simply ignore it.

At the moment it seems that the app allows you to do this with text only. But it wouldn’t surprise us to find that a similar version for images and videos will also arrive. Also, at the moment we only have confirmation that this function can be used in channels and groups (in fact, in private chats it would be enough to ask). There is a good chance, however, that Telegram will extend the function to all chats, of all kinds.

However, there is currently no definite information on the arrival of the feature. But it seems that the wait should be short. Hopefully it’s in time for the next movie or TV show that everyone will want to talk about.

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