Telegram updates and SIM-free subscription arrives

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The news for Telegram continues which with the new update introduces a series of new functions for its users starting from possibility of registration without SIM. This is a feature designed to maximize user privacy, eliminating the constraint of the phone number required for registration. Here are the full details on it:

Telegram updates: SIM-free subscription arrives

With the new update it is now possible to subscribe to Telegram without a SIM. In fact, to create an account, it is now possible to use anonymous numbers, managed via blockchain and accessible via the specific Fragment platform. This is an important novelty for Telegram which thus strengthens the privacy of its users.

Also noteworthy is the arrival of a function, called Autoelimina and included in the Privacy and Security section of Settings, which allows you to set a timer for chats to self-delete. Then there is also the debut of Topic 2.0 with the possibility for the organizers of the groups to organize the discussions into topics, creating real forums.

It should also be noted that iOS users can now take advantage of the emoji search, already available on Android. The news of the update does not end here. Telegram introduces a s“aggressive” anti-spam system and various new features which are summarized on the official blog.

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