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Telepass NFT: sale starts on 12/12 at 12.12

Telepass announced the date you will be able to start the minting e buy NFTs of the brand: the December 12 at 12 and 12 minutes the sale will begin on the dedicated portal. From 12.12 until 18.00 people will have access in the whitelist who have the right of first refusal, while from 18 the mint becomes public.

Telepass NFT, mint and sale set for 12/12 at 12.12

Telepass has decided to enter Web3 by launching a collection of NFT utilities inspired by the world of mobility. The NFTs are divided into five macro-categories and will also guarantee services on their connected Telepass contract: electric recharge, fuel, car wash, ski pass, urban mobility (taxi, public transport, sharing mobility).

Who follows the profiles Twitter e Discord of Telepass can get a link to access the whitelist and buy at discounted price of 0.08 Eth instead of 0.1 Ethstarting at 12.12 on December 12th.

Each NFT guarantees those who associate their NFTLP with the contract a free fee for “Telepass Family”, “Pacchetto Plus” or “Telepass Pay X”. Furthermore, based on the categories associated with the NFT, you will have special promotions.

For example, the NFTLP of the category “electric recharge” allows you to have 15% cashback on the first two transactions each month, while the “fuel” provides 5% on the first two supplies for each month. Who chooses thecar wash” has a monthly carwash, whoever chooses “ski pass” 5% on two days on the snow. Who bet on “mobility urbana” every month he will be entitled to 10% cashback on two taxi transactions and minutes and unlimited unlocking on sharing.

All cashbacks will be cumulative. In order to participate, you must access the dedicated portal on December 12 and authenticate with your own personal wallet, not connected to Telepass (Metamask, Coinbase, etc). To pay you need to have some Ethereum available.

The tokens available for each category are two hundred for each of the categories, a thousand in total. On the site you will find further information and regulations.

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