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Telepass presents “Telepass Sat” the satellite solution for heavy vehicles

Telepass is the leading company in the heavy vehicle segment where it is the main supplier of mobility services in Italy and in Europe. There are about 90,000 customer freight companies. He announced the launch of the platform for the mobility of heavy vehicles, “Telepass SAT” which integrates the innovative satellite device (K1) with an app dedicated to drivers.

“Telepass Sat” for heavy vehicles

The new device was developed and patented by Telepass group. It combines telematics and digital services to provide drivers and fleet managers with new value-added functions and more safety. It thus contributes to the simplification of the movement of goods and people within the European road network.

In fact, the company is continuing its digitization process and the launch of the new device. It represents a further boost to the satelliteization of the fleets. Leverage i benefits of telematics, and will enable a number of features. Some examples: an increasingly integrated management of logistics (even in Europe), an optimization of traffic with consequent benefits on journey times, a reduction in the environmental impact of vehicles.

The main novelty of Telepass SAT is l’appexclusively for drivers, which allows you to have new features available on a single platform for the management and monitoring of services associated with the vehicle. The app integrates with the device for managing subscribed services, including electronic toll payment, already active in 14 European countries – Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hungary , Switzerland, Bulgaria and Poland – for a total of around 170,000 km managed.

The app is actually a real one “virtual display” through which it is possible to configure and interact with the new satellite device. Simple and intuitive, the app provides up-to-date information on the status of the satellite device and any anomalies. The app allows you to set the axles and weight of the vehicles and warns the driver if the electronic toll payment service is not active in the country where the vehicle is circulating.


In addition, it has a section dedicated to the history of notifications and one with vehicle manuals and the documentation necessary for the driver to travel in certain states. In addition, it is possible to integrate the device and app into the ecosystem of Sales Partners. Such as, for example, services linked to fuel cards for refuelling. With the new device, voice interaction is also possible in eleven languages ​​(increasing with the next updates). The solution provides via feedback audio vehicle information, such as axle and weight settings.

In combination, the KMaster service. It allows the fleet manager to access a series of fleet management services, including vehicle monitoring, geolocation, CAN-bus data management, vehicle speed and many others. Furthermore, the fleet manager will have the possibility of remotely verifying the operating status of the device in real time. It will be possible to know – for example – if it is on or off and the setting of axes and weight. In this way, the fleet manager can verify the correctness of the functioning in compliance with the rules of each of the 14 countries, avoiding unnecessary fines.

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