Dimmi cosa ascolti su Spotify e ti dirò cosa guardare su Disney+ thumbnail

Tell me what you listen to on Spotify and I’ll tell you what to watch on Disney+

Disney+ and Spotify have launched a new campaign, which offers a unique, immersive and cross-media experience that blends music, cinema and TV. From Wednesday 26 April, Spotify users in some European countries, including Italy, can receive personalized suggestions and discover new genres and titles from the Disney+ catalog based on their listening habits on the popular streaming platform.

“We are excited to kickstart this new interactive experience through our innovative technology,” he said Kristiana Carlet, Head of International Sales di Spotify. “People look to Spotify for inspiration and discovery. We therefore represent the ideal platform to host the latest brand campaign of a creative and original brand like Disney. It’s amazing to see the magic of Disney+ come to life within Spotify.”

Spotify diventa House of Disney+

The campaign is part of Disney+’s communication strategy, called House of Disney+, which aims to showcase the range and diversity of content on the Disney+ streaming service, highlighting the variety of titles available to all audiences. A way to unite the platform’s catalog by taking advantage of Spotify’s engaging user experience.

Spotify users will be matched with a musical personality, such as ‘bold and fearless’ or ‘upbeat and fun’, based on their favorite songs. Depending on the musical personality, Disney+ content will be recommended that matches this mood.

Spotify Free listeners will be able to access the brand’s in-app experience through audio, video and display ads with a call-to-action. Users will then have access to one custom playlistsbased on their favorite songs and their listening habits, which can be shared with friends and family through social channels.

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