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Terenas will no longer be the official caster of Italian League of Legends competitions • techgameworld.com

Lo Italian streamer and caster Lapo Raspantibetter known by the nick of Terrain, will no longer be the official caster of the Italian League of Legends competitions. This was communicated by Terenas himself who through a video posted on social media revealed that he will not comment on the new ones formats LEC, MSI and Worlds for 2023.

To the base there would be no disagreements with Riot Games and more precisely with the actions of the software house against League of Legends, always criticized by the caster, but one little attention and dedication of the Italian scenario to the world of esports.

The reasons for Terenas’ departure from the Italian League of Legends competitions

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Dal video posted on Instagram and from Terenas’ words we discover: “Looking abroad, I see a long-term vision and a willingness to invest within broadcasting that I don’t see here in Italy. Indeed, we have been at a standstill for years now, and this year there will even be some steps backwards in terms of investment and commitment. So I think, sincerely, that I can dedicate my time to projects that can dedicate the Italian League Of Legends community to grow”.

The life of esports in Italy has always been more than complicated. Despite some progress, the world of esports is still largely underestimated by companies and institutions and the few dedicated investments come mainly from individuals.

In general, the world of video games, despite its international diffusion, is still viewed with distrust by the Italian authorities. An example of this is the clamorous case of the LAN room issue in May last year and not yet resolved, which saw the closure of the same following a lack of regulation of the devices and machines used.

In the hope that our situation will improve, we look forward to finding out what Terena has in store for the Italian community of League of Legends.

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