TerraMaster: discounts on NAS on the occasion of Amazon Prime Day

TerraMaster, on the occasion of Amazon Prime Day, offers a simple alternative to the lack of availability and high prices of higher capacity hard drives and SSDs. An out-of-the-box replacement for expensive, higher-capacity disks: Provides up to 768 TB of storage space

TerraMaster, a company specializing in innovative storage products, offers a simple solution to the growing problem of high prices for SSD and HDD storage devices and lack of availability. The solutions of USB storage and Thunderbolt 3 of TerraMaster offer instant, hassle-free storage at reasonable prices, up to 768TB capacity and excellent performance, and are available right now in Italy. Among these products we highlight the TerraMaster 5-bay D5-300, D5 and D8 Thunderbolt 3 solutions with a special 20% discount available in selected markets on the occasion of Amazon’s Prime Day, next June 27th.

TerraMaster: discounts on NAS on the occasion of Amazon Prime Day

TerraMaster: innovative solutions to the storage problem

Recent demand for high-capacity hard drives and SSDs has pushed their prices to unprecedented levels and made larger drives nearly impossible to find. By combining affordable, readily available, and low-capacity drives in a compact cabinet, TerraMaster offers a simple replacement for your storage needs without compromising compatibility, capacity or performance. For example, today a 16TB hard drive can cost nearly 9 times the price of a 4TB drive, offering only 4 times the capacity.

Even at that price, 16TB drives are often sold out, while 4TB drives are still available. The solution: a hard drive array peripheral from TerraMaster Plus five 4TB drives offer 20TB of storage and still cost less than the 16TB drive. Also, with RAID 0, the TerraMaster cabinet can actually deliver better performance than a typical 16TB drive. Users can choose between TerraMaster solutions equipped with a USB interface or high-performance Thunderbolt 3 solutions, depending on their needs.

TerraMaster: discounts on NAS on the occasion of Amazon Prime Day

TerraMaster – Multiple USB Hard Drive Array Solutions

TerraMaster’s USB storage solutions, such as the TerraMaster D5-300, offer space for 5 drives and plug directly into your computer’s USB ports. If the USB ports are insufficient, you can use a USB hub, which provides a potential USB-connected storage capacity of up to 100-200TB. RAID support, including RAID 0, provides versatile options not only for storage but also for performance.

TerraMaster: also available with Thunderbolt 3 interface

Designed to offer even higher speed and greater efficiency, TerraMaster’s proposed Thunderbolt 3 interface arrays can contain 5 or 8 drives, providing 2 porte Thunderbolt 3 (40 Gbps) while the hardware RAID controller supported by multiple disk arrays ensures the perfect high speed experience. Multiple cabinets can be cascaded for huge storage capacities of up to 768TB. TerraMaster’s Thunderbolt 3 offerings include the D5 Thunderbolt 3 and D8 Thunderbolt 3 models.

TerraMaster: discounts on NAS on the occasion of Amazon Prime Day

Promotions on the occasion of Amazon Prime Day

  • D5-300 is available at the recommended price of € 279.99, Amazon Prime Day promotional price: € 223.99
  • D5 Thunderbolt 3 is available at the recommended price of € 699.99, promotional price: € 559.99

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