Tesla launches a wireless charger that powers three devices simultaneously. Here is the cost

Tesla lancia un caricatore wireless che alimenta tre dispositivi contemporaneamente. Ecco il costo thumbnail

Teslathe company specializing in electric cars, has launched a new caricatore wireless capable of powering three devices simultaneously: Wireless Charging Platform. The cost is to $300 and is very close to the type of Apple AirPower.

Tesla wireless charger

Tesla’s wireless charger has a design rectangular, is made of aluminum and features a detachable magnetic mount that can be used for flat or angled charging. The charging pad uses the FreePowera technology already used for other wireless charging devices.

While Tesla’s wireless charger concept is similar to what Apple hoped to achieve with ‌AirPower‌, it is still limited to Qi-based devices like the ‌iPhone‌ and AirPods, excluding the Apple Watch.

The similarity with Apple’s AirPower

In 2017 Apple he had announced AirPower, a multi-device charger designed to charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously. Apple wanted users to be able to place their devices anywhere on the ‌AirPower‌ to charge them, but the wireless mechanisms placed inside the charger gave problems.

Initially the product was supposed to be launched in 2018, it never appeared in the market and this is how Apple confirmed its cancellation the next year.

Tesla, what is it

The story of Tesla Motors originated not many years ago: the foundation dates back to 2003 in San Carlos California, by Elon Musk e J.B. Straubel. The name is a clear tribute to the inventor Nikola Tesla. The goal was to create high-performance electric vehicles for the mass market. The company is in fact the ambitious bet of a group of young people from Silicon Valley on future mobility.

The first vehicle produced by Tesla Motors is a roadster spartan and light. The car has a range of 340 km and very brilliant performance: it was presented in 2006 and production started in 2008. Then follows the Model S, sedan distributed since 2012 in North America and then also in Europe and Asia. In 2016 comes the Model Xpresented at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show – a mix of an SUV and a minivan – and then a sedan, the Model 3smaller and less expensive than the S, and the ModelY.

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