Tesla: in arrivo licenziamenti per oltre il 10% dei dipendenti thumbnail

Tesla: layoffs coming for over 14 thousand employees

In an internal communication released via email, Elon Musk informed the staff of Tesla of an imminent – ​​and mammoth – wave of layoffs that will affect more than 10% of employees worldwide. This means that, doing the math, it is expected that approximately 14,000 employees will be affected by this measure.

Wave of layoffs on Tesla offices

The letter, the content of which was fully reported by the Electrek portal, illustrates that the choice was made with a view to preparing the company for a new development cycle, taking into account the sustained expansion of recent years. The stated objective is to reduce operating costs and enhance production efficiency.

However, as highlighted by the source who first broke the news, the reasons given do not seem entirely convincing. The layoffs appear to affect every layer of the company, including management.

It is worth noting that the layoffs come shortly after the revelation of the financial data for the last quarter, a period in which there was a decrease in deliveries of electric vehicles by Tesla. Although there is no official confirmation, it is assumed that this trend may have been influenced by the rise of competitors in strategic marketslike the Chinese one.

Elon Musk's version: “Company reorganization every 5 years”

Also Elon Musk he commented on the layoffs, and obviously he did so on his social network X/Twitter. In a post the tycoon stated that the company proceeds to reorganize its staff every five years.

“Every 5 years or so, we need to reorganize and streamline the company for the next phase of growth.”

Elon Musk your X regarding the layoffs announced by Tesla

Meanwhile, staff cuts aside, Tesla is preparing for the launch of Robotaxian autonomous vehicle dedicated exclusively to the public transport service, whose presentation is scheduled for August 8th.

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