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Tesla’s robots now pick up items and walk

Tesla used the annual investor meeting to showcase the progress of the his humanoid robot Optimuswhich we had seen for the first time ad October of 2022. In the shared video you can see how the Tesla Bot is now able to walk independentlylearning from human actions and identifying and manipulating objects.

Optimus, Tesla’s robots pick up objects and walk

Compared to the first public presentation, where the robot was only capable of greet the audience, the second version has come a long way. The Tesla Bot now moves with a certain fluidity, albeit still very slowly. His way of walking is reminiscent of robots from science fiction films.

Among other novelties, the robot has gained the ability to readjust the strength of his movements. In the video you can see how he manages to touch an egg several times without breaking it.

Tesla Bot has also developed a increased awareness of the surrounding environment and improved learning and memorization skills. It can be trained to reproduce human gestures easily. The most surprising part is the one in which an engineer, putting objects in some containers, teach the robot to do the same.

Optimus has a human-like appearance, with a head equipped with a shield and a body with 40 electromechanical actuators which allow him to move with agility and precision. The robot uses the same processor and system artificial intelligence of Tesl carsa, based on a neural network and an Fsd computer.

The robot could arrive in the next five years, but at the moment both the price and the release date are still unknown. Musk has promised it will be under $20,000. But at the moment it seems that it is still far from reaching the market.

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