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Tests to carry out Google search within videos: how it works

Everyone uses Google as a source for questions, concerns and research. Not only the written search, but also the one by images and, shortly, also the one by video. How does it work?

Google search for video, how it works

Google has announced a new feature that is currently still in testing phase. It is essentially the ability to search for a word or phrase within a video.

Operation is simple: just search the web for any video and open it directly in the Google search screen, without going to YouTube, click on the button “Search in video” and type the word or phrase to search for to get the moment exact in which the search query was spoken.

In this way, Google automatically transcribes videos posted on YouTube, and therefore when the user searches, the system tries to find a match between the searched word and the transcription of the video. Of course, the better the transcript, the better the result.

Search for an exact phrase: with Google you can

Google search has never been more powerful in recent years. You can search for an exact phrase on the well-known search engine by entering the phrase you want to search for between two quotation marks (” “). At that point Google will only show the pages that the contain exactly. With this function, the results will also have an indication of where is it the sentence on the page.

In this way it will not be necessary to scroll the text to look for it and, in the desktop search, the phrase will be highlighted in bold. The function was introduced as a response to user feedback, probably the more expert ones who search for words in sites and not in descriptions.

However, Google warns of one set of limitations. First of all, the Research could bring back invisible results, such as a site’s description meta tags. Or the result may be very deep into the site and not immediately visible, so you may need to use the feature search on the page or even search from Developer tools.

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