Teufel rides with Fabio Wibmer

The great MTB rider has made an exclusive video for Teufel, a Berlin audio brand that has also been available in Italy since last December. In the video Wibmer ventures into the urban jungle giving evolutions to the rhythm of his favorite music

Fabio Wibmer has created a spectacular new video for Teufel, a Berlin audio brand since last December it has also landed in Italy with its web store TeufelAudio.it. In the video, a frenetic Berlin is the backdrop for Wibmer’s tricks, as he penetrates the urban landscape to the rhythm of the city.

Wibmer’s favorite playlist for his releases?

The rider commented:

When I have a real power session I like to listen to rock, punk, oldschool punk, especially Rise Against and Offspring. But when I’m struggling with a quieter workout, I mostly listen to indie rock. I think Sean Koch, a rather unknown artist, is really cool. I had a song of her in one of my latest videos.

Teufel is the largest direct seller of audio products in Europe. The wide range of devices includes systems home theater, TV audio solutions, multimedia systems, classic Hi-Fi, headphones, Bluetooth and multi-room speakers with Raumfeld internal drive technology. The company was founded in 1979 in Berlin with the development of speaker kits and is now a renowned consumer electronics brand in Europe and China. Since its inception, sound quality has always been Teufel’s top priority. Countless awards from consumers, print and online media are proof of its success. Teufel products are available exclusively at the Teufel web store and in the brand’s stores.

Teufel rides with Fabio Wibmer

For those wishing to know more about the Berlin company and Wibmer’s favorite products, you can consult the official website. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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