Yale: new indoor and outdoor security cameras

With Yale’s new range of smart cameras, designed to simplify everyday life, users can enjoy peace of mind knowing their home is always protected, wherever they are.

Yale’s outdoor Wi-Fi cameras allow users to “be at home while not physically present”, keeping an eye on what matters most at any time of day or night. Featuring a sleek new black design, the range is made up of fully app controllable cameras. If combined with other products in the range, such as Smart Sync alarms and Smart Lock locks, they allow users to create a tailor-made ecosystem that meets their needs.

The line of smart cameras includes the Pan & Tilt indoor Wi-Fi camera, the Full HD indoor Wi-Fi camera, the Light & Siren front door Wi-Fi camera and the Pro 4MP outdoor Wi-Fi camera. Thanks to the Yale View application, the range offers additional features such as the ability to share cameras with family and friends, schedule continuous and motion-detected recordings, group cameras and view up to four simultaneously. Kate Clark, CEO of Yale EMEA, says:

With 180 years of security experience and innovation, we continue to develop new solutions to meet the security needs of the modern consumer. Our new range of stylish indoor and outdoor cameras was created to do just that, as well as to enhance our customers’ overall security experience.

Yale: telecamera Wi-Fi da interno Pan & Tilt e Full HD

The new Pan & Tilt indoor Wi-Fi camera allows the user to rotate it vertically (up / down) and horizontally (right / left) in order to monitor every corner of the house. For peace of mind, it is also equipped with an intelligent detection function that triggers cameras to automatically monitor and record moving objects and people. This function also activates sending instant alerts when movements are detected in sensitive areas of the house, for example where the safe is kept. To protect your privacy, simply obscure the lens via the privacy mode of the Yale View application, so that you are in full control of your privacy.

You may not have the gift of ubiquity, but you can make sure your children and loved ones are safe. Thanks to’app Yale View you can receive motion detection notifications, monitor your home and talk in real time with people in front of Yale indoor cameras. Are you curious about what your pets do when you are not at home or maybe you want to monitor them? Now you can not only see them, but also talk to them! Elegant and discreet, the new Full HD indoor Wi-Fi camera is perfect to be placed on a shelf in any room to allow you to always have under control what is happening at home, even when you are not there.

Yale: Pro 4MP Outdoor Light & Siren and Wi-Fi front door camera

For the exterior, Yale has fine-tuned the camera Wi-Fi for Light & Siren entrance door and the Pro 4MP outdoor Wi-Fi camera to allow you to monitor whoever enters and leaves during the day. Kate Clark adds:

If the indoor cameras have been designed to guarantee the safety of our customers inside the home, thanks to our outdoor range they can have a global control of their home. Whatever area they want to supervise, from the entrance to the entire house, from the garage to the garden, we have the solution for them!

The front door Wi-Fi camera is available in black and white to suit all homes. It is equipped with the functions of motion detection and conversation in real time to allow, for example, to speak with the delivery man so as not to miss any more deliveries. The built-in light and alarm instead act as a deterrent for unwanted visitors.

You no longer need to be on constant alert, because Yale’s 4MP Outdoor Pro Wi-Fi Camera will do it for you. Equipped with best video quality of the range with its 4MP QHD resolution, this camera also offers live HD viewing and enhanced night vision to ensure clear images at any time of day, even in less than ideal weather conditions. The customizable tracking function offers more flexibility by allowing you to monitor certain specific areas around the home.

For the smart home

In addition to offering an excellent user experience, the new Yale cameras can be controlled through the main voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and displayed on your favorite screen-equipped smart speaker, thus simplifying the modern life frenzy. If you are busy in the kitchen or putting the children to bed, you can see who is in front of the door and let us know without having to rush to the entrance. Kate Clark concludes:

Never as in this moment we find ourselves closed in the house, which has also become our office due to smart working. Now you can monitor your home, see your family members and pets from other rooms, and even answer whoever rings the doorbell while videoconferencing on Zoom, while still working safely.

For more information on Yale’s range of Wi-Fi cameras, you can visit the official website. From the electronic section that’s all! Keep following us!