TGA 2022: Announced the release of Crash Team Rumble

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Crash Team Rumble has finally been announced, it will be a team multiplayer due out in 2023

For some time some rumors always seemed to beat on the same topic, namely that Toys For Bob was working on some spin-off of the saga of Crash Bandicoot and that it could be announced to the The Game Awards 2022. For all fans of the saga the good news has arrived, in fact it has been announced Crash Team Rumblewhich should see its release during 2023.

Crash Team Rumble, the exit is near

The video game, the title of which we remember to be right Crash Team Rumbleit will be a video game multiplayer a squadre and is described as an “epic team championship based on collecting Wumpa Fruit across different islands”. Many well-known characters from the franchise will be featured as playable characters, with the two teams battling it out in the Gods Collection Wumpa Fruit.

Each team will have to collect more than their opponents, but other dangers on the map will also await the players. As a start it would not seem bad at all, and we imagine that the news of its release may have made quite a few fans happy, however we just have to wait for further news to arrive over time.

Pending further clarification, however, it is a must to report our review of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, a title that was very successful not only by videogame critics, but also by gamers themselves. And always talking about Crash Bandicoot 4 we invite you to visit the Instant Gaming pages, where you can find the game at a very discounted price.

We remind our readers that the release of Crash Team Rumble is set for 2023 per PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 ed Xbox One. It would therefore not seem planned, unfortunately not initially, a version for the small flagship of Nintendo, however it is reasonable to expect a future landing. All that remains is to wait confidently for further news, always staying updated on the pages of

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