Grazie al regifting di eBay questo Natale il regalo sbagliato non esiste thumbnail

Thanks to eBay Regifting this Christmas the wrong gift doesn’t exist

From Monday 19 December and until 15 January 2023, eBay inaugurates the regiftingor a unique opportunity to sell and buy second-hand gifts at more than advantageous prices.

eBay Regifting gives second hand an opportunity

How many will happen to receive for Natale an unwelcome gift or one that after a short time you left in a box in the attic?

Thanks to eBay Regifting you can give a second life to unappreciated or little-used giftsbecause in the end at Christmas “the wrong gift doesn’t exist”, giving it a second life on the marketplace and becoming so the perfect gift for others.

Also starting December 19, new sellers are eligible for a €5.00 coupon to be collected at the end of the campaign.

However, eBay regifting is certainly something that most people know. The 2021 edition was a success: every 0.37 seconds an item was uploaded to the platform and one was sold every 0.17 seconds. The most popular items are comics, graphic novel, books, watches, trading card, video games e vinyls.

Last year’s sales

Among the most curious and most expensive items sold during the 2021 regifting we find: a Rolex Daytona sold for €25,000; a Roland Jupiter-8 synthesizer for €10,000; a Fender Stratocaster guitar from 1970 for 9,000 €, a JBL SR8 OLYMPUS speaker for €7,500; a trading card the Yu-gi-oh! for €7,500; a Smart TV Samsung 3D per 5.000 €.

“We arrived at this campaign starting from the strong insight that there is no wrong gift ever: we believe that even a gift that is superfluous, double or unwelcome for us can have a second life and satisfy some other member of our passionate community“, commented Francesco Varano, C2C Lead in Italy eBay in Italy.

“As a ‘marketplace of passions’ eBay wants to feed the desires and interests of all its users even in this special period of the year: on eBay there is a second life for everything, even for gifts!“

Furthermore, the eBay regifting has become the protagonist of a special radio campaign, on-air on the main broadcasters with a 15-second and 30-second schedule.

More information is available at the following link.

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