The 10 tech products that impressed us most in 2023

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Every year the world of technology gives us innovative, useful, interesting products – sometimes even all three things together. 2023 was no different, with surprising announcements in many different areas: from smartphones to PCs, up to talking robots and smart vegetation. In this article, we want to tell you about what we believe to be the ten most interesting tech products of 2023. Those that surprised us most positively, both those we didn’t expect and those we had been waiting for for a long time.

The 10 most interesting tech products of 2023

Today more than ever there is a hint of technology in (almost) everything around us. From light bulbs at home to very powerful servers that process artificial intelligence responses, tech products come in many different formats and with different ambitions. So much so that no one can call themselves an absolute expert in “technology”: the topic is too vast and full of innovative and interesting solutions.

We cannot therefore claim to include in this article all the tech products that have made the difference in 2023: there are entire product categories that we had to ignore to arrive at this concise list. We decided to focus on the most used products: smartphones, laptops, audio products and more. But we left some space for revolutionary and surprising products – because, after all, one of the things we love about technology is its continuous evolution.

Technology for all tastes

In this article, we have tried to tell you about both the tech products of 2023 and we have tested and continue to use every dayboth those “fair” tech solutions – products that testify to continuous innovation, but that no one will use in everyday life. Or at least for now: good technology always balances innovation with utility, and today’s revolutionary products could become tomorrow’s norm.

Having said this, here is our selection of the 10 most interesting tech products of 2023.

15-inch MacBook Air: the Mac that was missing

The new 15-inch MacBook Air announced by Apple is perhaps the perfect synthesis of the combination of “innovation and utility”. As we told you in our review, the M2 processor is perfect for all the needs you may have on the move (except for editing very heavy videos or working in 3D). Battery life remains surprising despite the larger display.

Ma the difference is made by the 15-inch display: a format used by virtually every other laptop maker, but not by Apple until this year. The fact of combining the best of Cupertino technology with a format appreciated by many users, at a price that is certainly not low but very competitive compared to performance, makes it a winning product. All with two inches more diagonal.

Pixel 8 and artificial intelligence in smartphones

The fact that Google knowing how to make really interesting top-of-the-range smartphones is no longer new. But in a year when everyone seemed to be talking about artificial intelligence, Pixel 8 e Pixel 8 Pro they are really smart. AI to edit photographs, moving or deleting subjects and even making everyone smile in group selfies, would be enough. But text comprehension, simultaneous translation and many other functions they make AI easier to use than ever. And with the arrival of Gemini Nano, Google’s new AI model, things should improve – and will continue to do so, given the seven years of updates promised by Mountain View.

Lenovo Legion Go: gaming in movimento

Lenovo Legion Go

For gaming enthusiasts, handheld solutions are at the center of the discussion. AND Lenovo Legion Go represents a cutting-edge solution. This portable device offers the best performance, an excellent screen and even controllers that detach like those of the Nintendo Switch (or almost). In a year in which several solutions in this format have been released, Legion Go has managed to stand out. And even if gamers won’t give up the power of their PC, being able to play on the go is an added value: this is a sector that will continue to grow.

Dreame L20 Ultra: even cleaning is smarter

As you can see in the video above, we’ve fallen a little in love with Dreame L20 Ultra. It has the latest generation sensors to ensure deep and efficient cleaning of every corner of the house, powerful suction and a long-lasting battery. But the novelty (and the reason for its high cost) lies in the fact that it allows you to vacuum and wash floors with minimal effort on your part. It cleans itself: you just have to empty the bag, fill in the water and detergent self-cleaning base when you receive the notification on your phone. Cleaning has never been easier.

Sony WF-1000XM5: esperienza audio premium

Sony WF 1000XM5 prezzo

The audio sector, and in particular that of wireless earphones, is experiencing a magnificent period. There are many excellent models, high sales: we all want these accessories to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks. Yet, the Sony WF-1000XM5 continue to dominate this category: difficult to beat. As we explain in the review, they offer a high-quality audio experience, advanced noise cancellation and great battery life. If you are looking for a lower price, here you will find advice for all budgets. But if you are looking for the best, just follow the link below.

Meta Quest 3: the headset to beat (for now)

meta quest 3 min

The Apple Vision Pro promises to redefine the category when it releases next year, but so far we’ve only seen it at Apple’s WWDC. But we think that even when it arrives, the value for money of Meta Quest 3 is hard to beat. Meta has added the possibility of using augmented reality as well as virtual reality, perhaps also in response to Apple. And with the new AI solutions launched by the company, in addition to more and more software houses launching video games in VR, interest is high. Maybe we don’t talk about the “metaverse” anymore, but headsets are becoming excellent, especially for those who play.

LG StanbyMe Go: The perfect travel companion

LG StanbyME G monitor min

LG StanbyMe Go it seemed like a product created simply to impress those, like us, who saw it for the first time at IFA 2023. But this TV inside the LG suitcase is selling more than we expected. Of course it helps that the video and audio quality is known for the Korean company (we have more than one LG product in our ranking of the best TVs). However, we think that in this case the fascination with technology is winning: the possibility of holding a TV under your arm makes it one of the most interesting tech products of 2023.

Bioo Switch: even plants become smart

Bioo Installations pots min

When we saw him at this year’s MWC, Bioo Switch it really surprised us. This innovative device uses the static electricity of our body and an antenna planted in the ground to act as an electrical switch. So just touch the plants to illuminate the vast spaces in which they are planted, combining botany with electronics. One of those “science fiction” novelties that we hope to have at home in the near future.

Huawei Watch Buds, a smartwatch with a secret

Huawei Watch Buds recensione 2

Huawei Watch Buds It looks like a normal smart watch, but under the display it hides a secret: two very small earphones to wear on your ears. As we explain in our review, you cannot expect powerful bass or stellar battery life. But if you’re on public transport or queuing at the supermarket, having a pair of headphones ready on your wrist can make the difference. And it is certainly a unique product: once it would have been a James Bond gadget, now we can use it ourselves without a license to kill.

Spot, the robot dog that talks with ChatGPT

cane robot talks AI ChatGPT

Spotil cane robot, it is not a product that you can buy at the supermarket. And we didn’t even get to try it in person. But the combination of a Boston Dynamics’ cane robot, ChatGPT’s AI and Google’s Text-to-speech it was a condensation of technology too interesting not to talk about. Until some scientist invents a canine language translator, this is the closest solution. Even if the only way to make a robot partying like a puppy more surreal was to give it a voice.

These are the tech products that impressed us most during 2023. Some more useful, others more innovative, but they all managed to capture our attention. What do you think about it? Do you have any other technological products that have impressed you? Tell us in the comments.

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