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The 5 best horror games on PlayStation Plus

Horror games are a great way to get a good scare, PlayStation Plus is full of them and in this article you will discover the best ones reserved for subscribers to the service

The video game is the most engaging media ever created, pushing the player to take the reins into his own hands and experience an adventure with his own hands. Just because we are in the right period, why not try these fantastic horror games that will surely make you feel the thrill of tension and fear? We extracted 5 of the titles of the genre more fun to play.

Hello Neighbor | The 5 best horror games on PlayStation Plus

The first title that we would like to recommend to you is Hello Neighbor. What is special about this game is that on the surface it seems like a peaceful game, where you can venture into your home and interact with your neighbor. Even the bright colors make you think that there is nothing scary or disturbing about this game, and this is exactly where you are wrong. The more time you spend playing it, the more you will realize that something is wrong. The game doesn’t fall into the classic horror cliché with monsters or ghosts, that’s what you have to be afraid of the neighbour. The character is in fact equipped with an artificial intelligence that adapts to the player’s behavior and will do increasingly strange things. The protagonist will also find things very strange and disturbing progressing through history.

The Medium | The 5 best horror games on PlayStation Plus

Originally exclusive to Microsoft, The Medium is a truly memorable title that implemented an innovative gameplay system. What makes this game special is the possibility of passing from one world to another. The protagonist, Mariannein fact he has the ability to communicate with world of ghosts remaining in the earthly world. The worlds are the same, but different. The world of ghosts is uniquely beautiful and fascinating, full of disturbing scenes and settings. The mundane world is more familiar but full of challenges. The strong point of this title is the narrativeevery character, both in the spirit world and in the earthly world, has a story to tell. The stories you discover later, put together by connecting the dots, create a gripping plot. It’s not about simple horror, but about being enveloped by an intriguing story as you progress through the campaign solving puzzles.

Encryption | The 5 best horror games on PlayStation Plus

It seems like a simple card game, but it is something more. What makes this game fascinating is that it makes the player feel perpetually in awe. As the games progress, a chilling and mysterious story is revealed. As the player tries to create a deck of cards strong enough to win, he will feel perpetually being watched. Winning a game is rewarding, but losing it drags you further and further into the darkness. There are no monsters or ghosts, what really disturbs the player is the play of shadows, mystery and unknown that will force the player to continually look away from the deck of cards. The great thing about Inscryption is that there are various strategies that lead to discovering new secrets. If you are looking for a game with which to spend time having fun, but also feeling restless, this is the game for you.

The Evil Within 2 | I 5 migliori giochi horror su PlayStation Plus

The Evil Within 2 è a jewel in the horror side of video games. We play the protagonist of the first chapter again, il detective Sebastianwho will search for his missing daughter in a disturbing place called STEM. What the player finds himself in is a large and scary maze full of monsters that are found in unpredictable places on the map. This forces the player to carefully evaluate every move, as supplies are limited and one mistake could be fatal. He will have to be cautious and decide wisely between facing the enemy head-on or hiding to save ammunition. The title has a captivating plot and the gameplay is very engaging, with boss fights that are unforgettable to say the least.

Resident Evil 7 | The 5 best horror games on PlayStation Plus

We conclude this list with a masterpiece of the horror genre, Resident Evil 7 di Biohazard. This chapter changes the cards on the table of the famous Resident Evil saga, moving on to first person view to give greater immersion to the player. The main character is Ethan Winters and has the task of finding his missing wife in the villa Baker. The bosses to face are charismatic and manage to keep the tension high during the fights. The strong point is the game’s sound effect, so intense that it makes everything realistic. The plot unfolds more and more as it progresses and the player will find himself in tune with the protagonist, feeling fear and hope together with him.

We thank you for following us in this guide, we hope you have fun with these 5 horror titles to celebrate Halloween. Continue to follow us on so you don’t miss anything else about the world of video games.