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The AI ​​that generates Drake songs on any topic

The applications of artificial intelligence (AI) continue to expand, which is now capable of generating songs in the way of Drake, complete with the Canadian rapper’s own voice. Users, starting from any topic of their choice, can activate the algorithm and automatically generate their “Drake” song.

The site in question is called Drayk.it. This asks users to enter any sentence. After which, after about a minute, the AI ​​returns the result: a 30-second audio clip that deals with the chosen theme that can be shared on social profiles. Below are some rather bizarre examples.

Drayk.it was born from the virtual music studio Mayk.it, founded by Stefan Heinrich Henriquez e Akiva Bamberger.

From Nick Cave to Drake: Can AI write songs and create music?

Last month the legendary Nick Cave he said he was strongly skeptical of artificial intelligences that write songs. The criticism came after several fans sent the songwriter lyrics of songs created by ChatGPT. Having received the lyrics, the singer-songwriter’s reaction was lapidary: “With all the love and respect, but this is a gigantic str*nzata”.

In a letter to fans, Cave argued his position by writing:

“Songs are born from suffering, from the complex struggle within man that takes shape in the creative process. Well, as far as I know, the algorithms prove none of this. The data does not suffer. ChatGPT has no inner being struggling to get out. He hasn’t been anywhere, he hasn’t experienced anything, he hasn’t had the audacity to go beyond his limits, because he has no limits. Thus it has no shared experience from which to transcend.

ChatGPT is intended to mimic. He can never have an authentic human experience, no matter how devalued and irrelevant human experience may become in the future.

Read Nick Cave’s full story and full letter in our dedicated article.

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