The Apple viewer could revolutionize the VR market

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The metaverse remains a rather confusing concept and still seems a long way off – if not impossible. But the VR market is continuing to grow and, according to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuothe arrival of Apple viewer could revolutionize it.

Apple’s headset could change the VR market forever

The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says he is convinced that the long-awaited AR/VR headset by Apple will be presented at WWDC in June. He claims that Apple is “ready to launch” the new device: it’s almost there now.

He also adds that the launch of the headset will be an opportunity for Apple’s supply chain partners, stimulating the entire virtual reality market.

The most expensive components of an AR/VR headset are the assembly, which Apple licenses exclusively to Luxshare. But the orders will also become important for the exclusive micro OLED display Sony. Furthermore, it becomes a tempting opportunity for Apple’s historic “silicon” partner, TSMCwhich will build the dual processor (and which also supplies chips for Macs and iPhones).

Instead, the shell will be mainly supplied by Everwin Precisionwhile the 12 camera modules are exclusive to Cowell Electronics and the external power supply of Goertek. Kuo points out that Cowell Electronics will take full advantage of this, as it has fewer other buyers.

If the debut of Apple’s AR/VR headset is successful, Kuo notes, it could become the hottest new investment trend in consumer electronics. Feeding all this supply chain.